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What's up my friend, this is the 1-page marketing plan book review!

Now it says on the back of the book... WARNING... Don't read this book if you hate money... So, I highly doubt you're not going to want to read it too! :)

Especially when it comes to marketing your business!


What's inside this book are 9 steps to any marketing plan. That every business should have. It breaks it down for you whether you are already into marketing, don't have a clue about marketing or just want to learn!

This is the book that gave me an Epiphany about marketing... It says "If you have a circus in town and you put a sign on the highway saying circus on Saturday, that's an advertisement.

The elephant walks into town with a banner saying circus on Saturday, that's a promotion! If the elephant walks in the flower bed and end's up in the newspaper, that's publicity.

The Mayor finds it funny, that's public relations. Marketing is what made that happen..."

You have to look at marketing from a bigger picture, and that's what this book helps you to see clearer! :)


What's in the 1-page marketing plan book?

The book is broken into 6 different part's in 3 categories (before, during and after).

Friend, there is a lot of information in the book. It's really, really great! The way the book is laid out is in the before part, where your prospect would be. The people you advertise to, there is only about 3% of those people ready to buy.

It helps you understand how to make the most of your marketing by serving people in the best way possible!

1 Identify Your Target Market

Inside the book, there is a whole chapter dedicated to working this out! Then at the end of the chapter, you will fill that part of the plan in.

This part is really important when it comes to advertising, writing emails and when it comes to anything to do with marketing in your business! You want to know who exactly it is that you're talking to...

Especially if you're a small business owner... Don't want to be like the big businesses out there and try to appeal to everybody! That's not direct response marketing, direct response marketing talks directly to what people want, their needs, wants, desires and problems...

Give this to your team to work off and everyone can know what the marketing plan is.

If you want a (1PMP) PDF I made for myself - Click Here - To get the most out of the 1-page marketing plan you should get the book!

2 Message to Market

This chapter helps you to identify the message you're going to use. With direct response marketing principles!

3 Media

You will also learn about different types you can use like snail mail, email, social media including websites, autoresponders etc.

Then explains options along with a good understanding of social vs email marketing!

It's going to help you to identify what media it is you going to use!

(1,2, and 3 are all the before part, with your prospect)

4 Lead Capture

Now, this is where you can Identify your lead capture system. You should be doing this no matter what business you are in! You going to have something to do with this going on in your business.

It's very important that we are generating leads with our marketing campaigns since not everyone will buy right away!

5 Lead Nurture

This is because when you advertise to people most will be ready to buy right away. So you should have a system in place so it's very important to build a relationship with these people over time! Then we nurture them in a certain way.

And in the book, this part is where he explains all about how to create a nurturing system for you to implement!

6 Sales System

Now a very very important part in this during part is this one. Called my sales conversion strategy, this is really cool. Since you can go all day creating value and building up these followers...

Yet ideally, we are here in business and here to make money, so having a sales conversion strategy in place for your business. When you get these ideas down and work them it's really simple and easy to follow.

(3, 4 and 5 will be the during phase where your leads are)

7 Word-class Experience

This part is now after someone buys from you and becomes a customer. You want to wow people and deliver a world-class experience!

8 Increasing LTV

Here is where you can optimize your marketing to increase the lifetime value of each customer. So you don't even have an advertising budget and can just spend as much money as you want on winning campaigns. To outspend your competitors!

9 Referral System

This part is where you will orchestrate and simulate referrals. It explains to you how you can do that, and if you run a local business, it gives you a template to use to be able to do orchestrate referrals for your business!

You don't want to leave this to chance but actually simulate and orchestrate referrals. To turn 1 visitor into 5 visitors and them 5 into 50!

And this is basically what's inside the 1-page marketing plan.

There are so many nuggets in here that you're going to pick up on. To do with key performance indicators and your numbers. So you can really take an existing campaign if you get say 1000 leads and so many customers.

How you can increase certain numbers in your marketing to quadruple the amount of money to make!

Hope that you enjoyed this review, see you again


Your Buddy


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