3 Winning Habits to Win People Over

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Hey, my friend, it's Cameron here, this one is on the 3 winning habits to win people over! So we already covered the process and how the rich get rich and About my time when I went to Glasgow! :) and a Story about what I was up to!

So since moving over to Glasgow, I started a sales job! So I was working doing lead generation!! In four weeks from starting the work. I had never done it before got promoted to sales consultant and started building a team!

The three winning habits to win people over! a bit about what I learnt in the time being in Glasgow! I know that from starting this Marketing Job and being self-employed it's kinda like pumping that pump! and you just have to pump away... Well, it took me 4 days to make my first Sale!

...and it all came because of these three things...

3 winning habits

"the habits we use to win people over"

  • SMILE - "Smile because it's infectious"

  • EYE CONTACT - "Because it builds trust"

  • ENTHUSIASM - "It raises peoples impulse"

This is what I wanted to share with you, hope that it was of Massive Value. So you can take it today and implement it into your business for yourself!

Have a Great one, hope you enjoyed this one, see you in the next one...


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