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Advanced Marketing Method, most noteworthy, for complete domination in your industry!

LEVEL 2 Traffic

More advanced marketing strategy, Likewise, deploy in your own marketing when ready. Only when you feel like you have reached that certain level, Certainly, consider getting website traffic this way.

This strategy is called syndicate traffic media. It sounds hard to understand, hence, it is really simple. Doing this will get you free traffic to your offers, massive amounts of targeted people. Say you are talking with another marketer in the wealth market, similar to those in the health as well as relationships keep it within the same market/ sub-market.

This is something I currently look into deploying, furthermore, and already have. This is the level 2 type of traffic, for the reason that, you can take your winning offer and scale.

This Advanced Marketing Method really stands out. It is about connecting and aligning. With other people and companies in the industry. Create relationships. That will become long-term assets. Make it a win-win. This is why it is more of an Advanced Marketing Method because you have to bring value.

Strategic Syndicate traffic media, to make it a win-win! For you and mostly, for the people, you approach. For example, take a look at what's going on in the industry. Identify your competitors and or allies. Study them and know their business model. What do they currently do and where you can fit into this, with your value.

So when you do this on a real scaleable level you want to play with the marketing powerhouses in your industry, but you can massage this for yourself.

The 5 Key Areas to consider before doing this are listed;

Establish yourself in the industry.


Identify allies to work with. And realistically approach with this Advanced Marketing Method.


Study the market, certainly, know their business models. Develop win-win solutions.


Have a winning offer executed strategically. So it's a no-brainer and makes sense?


Think about a long-term game. Even more, how it will work going forward.


Advanced Marketing Method, Likewise, create value for each other. Get a lot more advanced into this, consequently, but keep an open mind. It's not a Traffic strategy everybody is thinking about.

Look at some of the big players in marketing... they do it. And it can work really, really well, because, you are tapping highly targeted people. Pre-qualified to your industry plus it's pretty much free to do.

This Is definitely for anyone who wants to stand head and shoulders above all competition. Doing this Strategy is not limited to just other people but possibly other companies as well. So have a look and see, if you can use the ideas for yourself.

I hope this has really got you thinking about where you can deploy this traffic strategy and inspires you in your online business.

Two examples you can be aligned with a company that supplies what your business uses, such as website hosting. You see this is not your business but you can align with a company that supplements your core offer. Also at the same time think big and don't limit yourself.

Consider Other industries like Influencers possibly wanting to grow their IG yet, you do not offer this service? See if you can make a win-win where you can tap into and trade value in the marketplace.

This Strategy is so Powerful, because of the fact it will not cost you a dime to implement. On the other hand, you must become a person worthy enough, develop this idea and work with other powerhouses in your industry. It is level two traffic where you need a winning offer.

Once you have a winning offer and you know your numbers. Deploy this and other methods to blow your businesses into a whole other level! This Is currently where I am heading and wanted to share these Ideas here hope you understand.

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