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This is Affiliate Content Promotion For Beginners. "How to do affiliate content promotion without showing your face, doing videos or being on social media" The Second Part of how Nichil Banked $250,000 without doing Social media, SEO or making videos!!


What's happening it's Cameron here in this we're gonna be covering Affiliate content promotion for beginners! A Follow from, how Nichil banked $250,000 within three years, without doing a single video having any social media presence or doing SEO...

You might be thinking like... Cameron I don't want to do all this SEO and make videos! Or build these blog websites and all that... This is why I wanted to make this video, to show you!!! "How Nic Hill banked all that money... Without having any social media or doing a single video"...

The first thing you'll want to identify is your niche! For this example, it's for building an internet business! This is where it's all going to stem from, your niche, product (Idea). Most noteworthy, curating the content that's going to supplement the product!!!

It's gonna be Affiliate Content Promotion For Beginners content that you don't have to make... Identify the leverage points, leverage points are public videos! You can share and embed on little funnel sites...

Find Company's Public Video/ Content To Leverage On YOUTUBE or Companies Supply them

Other Leverage points can be interviews of people who are in using the product! You don't have to be on the video... It can be videos that the company is already made... You can leverage their testimonials! It can even be product review videos.. things like this!

The specific strategy that Nichil used was he actually made a little page website something like this...

Create a FUNNEL Website Page That's off Social Media

This is one of the funnel website pages it's the same idea that Nic would have made it! Maybe his was simpler... not sure I didn't see the exact pages he used! It's the same strategy, I didn't build this page this isn't my video or anything... You can see that I actually got this video from YouTube.....

This page was pre-built I just hit a button and I uploaded it! Now, I can go back here and I can mess about with this page and change all the words! You can see here I can write in let's 10x your revenue...

"I'm looking for affiliate entrepreneurs who want to 10x their revenue" maybe, I'll keep it as "10x their revenue" Okay! This isn't SEO content, this isn't on social media or anything like that!

I went to YouTube and I went to a specific video that Nichil had leveraged... Along with other videos that you can see on there as well! There are like 30 something videos all videos that he leveraged and put on like sample funnel website pages! Like I showed you here, this is kind of the type of page that he made!

He went ahead and got himself a public video off of YouTube! That was related to the product... it wasn't him on the video! He copied the link. Consequently, embedding it on the funnel website. Most noteworthy, just copy, paste and save it, Boom! This is Affiliate Content Promotion For Beginners!

Embed The Public YouTube Video Onto the Funnel Hub

You can literately change this and customize it to whatever way you want as I changed earlier... Make sure to put your affiliate link for the BUTTON and set the action! Example website URL! Make sure to put your affiliate link on the button, and open a new window!

Save it! Okay, how long did it take to build that site? Probably about two minutes, not even... This is saved I'm gonna go preview, okay so you're gonna see the little changes that I made, slightly, to the same site! Now you can literally go over this here mix up your own Affiliate Content Promotion For whatever product you want to promote!

Put Your Affiliate Link On The Page and Save it!

Now, it says "I'm looking for affiliate entrepreneurs who want to 10x their revenue". Another reason the video says Sid's story to building $100k! The idea is that you build your email list... Right, you build your list like I keep talking about this type of stuff. In addition, you're sending people emails to these pages...

We want to bring them to a page like this from email marketing, so you don't need to make any SEO content! You don't need to have a big social media following at all! You don't need to do any videos! Send emails bringing people from an email to a page like this!

You can take out blocks and elements on the page then it just says "I'm looking for affiliate entrepreneurs who want to 10x the revenue"! Then they come here and they can watch the video! "The video is gonna do all the heavy lifting for you", per se! It's gonna be really quick, you don't have to get really good on video!

Something I really wanted to do is to get on video myself! Learn this skill! But, this is what Nic did and Nic Banked a whole bunch of money! Not on a single video, he's still Banking the money using this strategy in their videos, then Linking his affiliate link!

Now Your Page Is Live and Ready For Traffic

If you click the button it goes to your affiliate link. Now, say you're in a different niche! Say you're going to be promoting fitness products, you can find interviews product reviews training other different free public videos, on YouTube build little pages embed their videos and you don't have to be on social media!

Then as well you can even go to different companies they're gonna have videos for you! This is an example, they gave you videos you can download and put on your blog and send emails for people to watch! That's what you have available as well assets the company gives you to promote!

Overview demo videos that are like 15 minutes long, they are already made for you! You don't have to make the video just go download it now! Embedding the leveraged video into a little page like this here! This was the entire strategy on Affiliate Content Promotion For Beginners, my friend...

This was the strategy he used to bank all that money! Hope you enjoyed this one if you wanna learn more my friend like I always say you can go to the link below!

Have an awesome day and I'll see you in the next one peace!


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