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What's up my friend, have you seen these affiliate marketing examples?

Recently I looked into the Big Giants and wondered how we could model them...

When researching the interwebs I found well over 11 different affiliate businesses in different niches!

So I want to show you what I discovered, some might surprise you!:)

In fact 2 of them I'd seen before! 1 of them I've actually bought flights through, what! Not realising it was a HUGE Affiliate business!!

1 was built by 3 college students in 2001, then sold to a Chinese company for 1.9 Billion! :-D

Hopefully, this proves what is possible out there! A lot started from someone's bedroom and now make over $100K++ a month!


Hope you liked these different businesses and got some ideas for yourself! Leave a comment below and let me know what one you liked the most:P

Also in the video, I said about the button so I don't want to leave you hanging...

If you are interested in starting your own long-term sustainable affiliate marketing business!

Similar to any of these affiliate marketing examples, my best recommendation would be the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass.

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