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Welcome to the “Affiliate Marketing Guide” this is All about the Good Stuff!

This Guide is about the Benefits of Being an Affiliate! And Why Being an Affiliate Entrepreneur is hands down One of the Best, Online Business to start to date! So You can Create an Internet Income!

When Compared to Other ways to Build an Online Business! Some Problems that came up, certainly, Back when I got Started was having to Buy a lot of Products First… to Sell!

With an Amazon Arbitrage Business, consequently, you need to find the Products and then go and buy them…

Plus having to store everything on top of it!

Another part of the Affiliate Marketing Guide, in contrast, was when I had to Figure out the shipping and Adjust prices on Shopify! This was a complete head puzzler!

Imagine fulfilling orders for physical products all around the world, as a result, trying to work out the Shipping costs For Anywhere in the World! This Totally done my head in at points…

Something that was a problem for me also, finally, as I needed to only focus on the one thing … Develop Internet Marketing Skills. This is Why hands down Becoming an Affiliate Entrepreneur is the Best place to Start!

Because it’s the same skills you need to build any type of online business “Internet Marketing” The one Thing!

Skills and Expertise needed to do Internet Marketing! (Advertising Skills, Website Conversion Skills and Email Skills). This is the Basic Concepts that Fit into Internet Marketing. The Main BIG Goal is Direct sales.

This Affiliate Marketing Guide Shows You How to Become an Affiliate Entrepreneur with Basic Principles of Internet Marketing!

Already there has been 6.8 Billion with a B been paid out to Affiliates Yearly! This is Super Cool Because You have the chance and opportunity… To get a slice of that 6.8 Billion Dollars as well!

Thing’s that I found out about Affiliate Marketing was the convenience and flexibility. You can literally have all the benefits of having a Business you can work on at home! Not Location Dependent!

You can Choose the times to work, not a morning person? This will really get you going with the flexibility affiliate marketing offers… Not have to ask your boss if you can go on holiday!

By Becoming an Affiliate Entrepreneur it makes it Easy to just do the one thing “Internet Marketing” and then be able to Ad on the second stream of income. Without creating another Job!

Because You’re Going to do the work anyway! It Really Gives you the Independence that comes with Running a Full-time online Business.

Something that Really Sucked me into the Idea of Internet Marketing was the Low Start-up Costs! And the Ability to Build a proper legitimate business online. Around this Affiliate Marketing Guide.

Winning Trips is a Biggie when it comes to Affiliate Marketing, Heck winning Cars sounds Great… and it happens all the Time!

You can Win Bonuses when it comes to Affiliate Competitions, Prize Money, and Private yacht trips even Masterminds, This was Super Cool and a Reason I Liked the Idea!

Start this from anywhere you have an Internet Connection and Laptop! You Don’t need a Team to Get Started! Or Even any customer service! You can Be one person sitting in your room, your house, your garage, your basement… anywhere you want to and win these competitions!

On top of all the Sales Made you Don’t need a product, or even have to create a product!… Pay other people and just Use there’s if you really wanted! You can just Sell other peoples proven evergreen products and you don’t need to have a customer service team!

As long as you believe in what you’re selling and used it yourself, then you know the company’s good!

No need to make creative banner ad’s a lot of the time! In this Affiliate Marketing Guide, I want to tell you that you will get Pre-made marketing kits from nearly every company you promote! They Give you emails swipes, creative banner ads and Sometimes Even Your own websites!

Create passive income and make money while you sleep! This is another cool thing when you have built your online business around the concept of Internet Marketing!

You can wake up in the morning and have commissions, similarly, emails staying that you made a whole bunch of money! That’s Nice too…

I want to end with this “Affiliate marketing” is on the upraise! It’s the new type of marketing of today! And my the Sky is really the limit with this online business model and in this Affiliate Marketing Guide.



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Cameron Malcolmson.