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Basic marketing Online rules (Never Waster a Visitor again)

So to jump straight into this, above all, and cover the 5 Rules of traffic and marketing online rules starts.

#1 rule! Never Waste Traffic!

If you have been doing this for a while now, certainly, you will already know this first rule! How you will deploy this strategy in your online business. So if you are wondering how you will never, ever, ever waste a single visitor to your landing page or website Again.

Basically, you will want to build retargeting pools of people. You can do this using many different networks that provide this service.

I will tell you here in this post some that I use and why I use them.

First, make an Adroll account and grab your pixel there and add it to your Landing page or website! This service is one of the top Networks, almost, if not the top retargeting service to use. If you have not noticed these types of ads before, hence, you see them everywhere! All the BIG players in the online marketing space are using this service, first of all, from E-com stores and many other companies. The second pixel you will want to grab for retargeting is a Facebook pixel.

Adroll covers all major social media networks and large websites. Build these two pools of people to advertise too for a fraction of the price it cost you to get them to your site.

Retargeting Pixels



#2 rule is Don't go for cheap go for Results!

This is a very important rule to remember while online marketing. Basically, you are not really wanting a visitor to your site. You want the result that the visitor can bring when they visit that is ultimately sales! So don't go to the cheapest traffic source on the internet.

Use strategies that will bring you a higher calibre of a visitor, from the reason that, who is better for your business?

#3 rule is to Play strategically for the long term!

You are going to do this in a few different ways that I might not have mentioned in the video. But this plays a part in the whole way you go about getting traffic, building your list, stacking conversions and sales.

So your message to market match should be congruent throughout your online marketing efforts, above all, don't lie to your customers.

Provide great services and value to them and stack everything you do. so you never have to go back and redo any work you have done previously.

#4 rule is that it is not about the product it is about the offer,

The offer is the result that the product will give them! Just remember this, it took me some time to really let this sink in and understand this. Imagine being in car sales and you're selling a car. This really helped me think about it.

So you are talking about how the car will take them where they want to go. The looks smell and what it does and how they can get what they are looking for, in contrast, the way it drives and letting them imagine what they would do with the car etc. Remember this is key, most noteworthy, it is not about the product it's about the offer and the offer is the result that the product will give them :-D

#5 rule Have Fun it's a game!

My favourite, also, just remember not all the time is it going to work. Allow yourself to learn from your actions, in contrast, take the lesson moving forward. Just have fun, first of all, treat it like a game because it is a game, certainly, a fun game. Where we make money helping people.

Taking the world to a better place, almost, for everyone we come in contact with. Through our products and services, for the reason that we promote!

Hope you enjoyed the 5 basic marketing online rules...


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