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Boom! Hey, What is up My friend it's Cameron Malcolmson Here and in this one, I wanted to talk about Broadcast Email Strategy! To Be more Specific Sending Broadcast Emails with a "Long-term" Strategy...

So if that Interests You Please Stick to the End Cause I'm going to share it with you... and Dropping some Massive Value Bombs that took me quite some time to Figure out. When I got started I knew that sending emails was a Big Pillar to Internet Marketing and in this one, I want to talk you through Kinda a Long term Strategy!

Sending a Broadcast Email and The Power Of a Broadcast Email! It's Like Posting letters into Post! Kinda the Old form of Marketing, Doing Direct Mail! But as of Right now, we have the power to use the likes of an Email Autoresponder, to do this for us at a fraction of the price, literally next to Nothing!

Deploying some serious Strategies to do with Internet Marketing and doing it for yourself! While building your own Online Empire and Online Business! So! This is the Power of the Broadcast Email! In the last one, we talked about the Soap Opera Sequence! I just want to show you what I have Been doing since then...

So you can kinda model this if you want :) In the soap opera Sequence, I kinda talked you through the 5 Pieces of content that you put up in a way that sells! When I set this up from the Start, there was not really a good structure to it... I was kinda all over the place... Just jumping, jump, jump, jump...! Never really having that structure in place!

By now There are two follow up emails that you can get, then its the start of the soap opera sequence! You might already have people coming to your website and Optin into your email list now! :)  And they would have got your First Two emails, and caught up in you're Automation!

So This is why I want to Share this Tip and Strategy here with you... Kinda like my take on Automation and Sending Broadcast Emails!

This Is all about Sending Broadcast Email strategies! When I started I didn't just Write the Email in the Sequence and then the next one right after at the same time... and write it in the sequence part of my Automation! You can do it that way or whatever way you want! But this has been the best way I found that worked for me! :-D

I Write a Broadcast Email and send it to everybody on my email list who has caught up in Automation! And Split test Headlines, When I send the Broadcast Email Strategy Out. I would see the winning headline, I would go to the Content and Copy the Content in the Email then Just Paste in in the Sequence!

Only doing One piece of content per day! Sending it as a Broadcast Daily Email to the people that have caught up in the Automation! That Only Started off with the Two Follow up Emails, they would have caught up if I had not already made the soap opera sequence!

Once they have Caught up I send them the Broadcasts! Then the next day I would write another broadcast that would be the next part of the soap opera Sequence! :-D  I would do the same Every day! That's Alright For a Broadcast! For the Soap opera sequence, you want to leave it may be a week-long or however long you want!

You can do whatever you want, this is what I have found works best, only needing to be mailing once a day if it is a broadcast or if it's an (Automation... Depending on how long it will be)... If it's short enough one every day is fine!

But if it's a really, really long one, I wouldn't recommend emailing every single day for a year! Might start to see low open rates possibly people unsubscribing so I say every three days when it comes to really long Automation!

The Strategy here that I am Trying to Get across, is you are going to want to Build your Piece of content then send a Broadcast email to all the people who have caught up in your Automation. Split test your headlines, see what works then load it into your sequence!

Exactly how you are going to stack every bit of work that you do, once I write the Broadcast email I can have it working for me over and over and over again!

And Just adding another one on top of that again the next day, and adding another on top of that again! :) That is the power of email marketing and multiplying yourself in your online business, and it is the Broadcast Email Strategy that I wanted to tell you about today, and mainly for building every day on the next...

When it comes to emails... :) Yes, you want to be emailing every day...  but I wouldn't Suggest a long Automation every day, Definitely a short Automation... And only, Broadcast to the people that have Caught up in your Automation!

Then Stack it, Yes Getting Bigger and Bigger everyday, cause that's all you really need to do when it comes to this backend kinda thing!

Just produce content, to teach people... Because Marketing is Teaching and you are going to want to take people on that journey that you went on... That Broke your old false belief patterns and gave you new belief patterns Kinda the way you think of life...

One of the things for me was that I thought you had to go to university to get a good job! Support a BIG Family, and deep down I knew that I never really wanted to go there! When I found out about this whole thing when it comes to building an online business... I didn't think twice about dropping it all cause I didn't want to go there in the first place!

I wanted to build my own thing and really be the man! This is what I wanted to share with you here this Broadcast Email Strategy building every day on the next! So your online business can Get Bigger and Bigger every day! And the Pieces of content that you make today will work for you over and over and over again!

Hope you have a great one! And Start Writing your own Broadcast Emails :) There Great!

Your Buddy