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Is It Worth It?

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Hey, my friend, it's Cameron here I'd like to welcome you to this Coinbase review. I'll just be showing you a website and reviewing a website called Coinbase.

It's a place where you can go and buy cryptocurrencies. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum and these other alternative coins.

I want to show you here something cool, where you can make up to $50... Then put the free crypto into an alternative coin and get up to $300+

There is no guarantee that you will make the $300 + though you can get free coins up to a value of $50  and put them into a coin that can produce higher returns than bitcoin.


Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency On Coinbase

You will probably already know this, I just want to show you on the website you can do some online quizzes. Earn alternative cryptocurrencies that can provide higher returns.

You can earn more than $34 in this Coinbase review, that's just waiting for you to go a pickup. Do the free Coinbase quizzes then earn free cryptocurrency.

I'll show you some different coins and three outcomes that could have happened to you if you invested in these 1 year ago.

Bitcoin Over The Last Year

4x Return Over 1 Year

Back when it was just out you could buy one bitcoin for £400 now there worth £35,000+. So let's just say we had invested a year ago.

Around a year ago you could have bought bitcoin for around £7,000 and you bought £200 worth of bitcoin. You would have got a 4x return on your investment.

You would have turned £200 into £1000, with a 400% return on investment. Into £200 multiplied by 4 = £800 + your £200.

Ethereum Over The Last Year

A year ago you could have bought this cryptocurrency for around £200 and got a 5x return on your investment. Meaning if you invested £200 you would have got a 500% return on your investment.

Turning £200 into £1,200 with a 500% return within a year. £200 multiply by 5 = £1,000 + your £200.

5x Return Over 1 Year

This means that instead of investing in bitcoin you invested into Ethereum you would have made £200 more.

Alternative Coin Over The Last Year

You can see in this coin if you had put £200 into this 1 year ago you would have got 10x your investment. £200 multiply by 10 = £2,000 + your £200.

Cryptocurrencies are all projects of people making these different e currencies and you can get higher returns with them.

10x Return Over 1 Year

So what I'm saying is if we had invested in Bitcoin we would have only seen a 4x ROI, with Ethereum you would have seen a 5x ROI. Then a better 10x ROI with the alternative coin.

I would say that with these free coins you could do the quizzes put the coins all into one alternative coin you never know you might end up with an extra couple of hundred pounds.

This is the link to create a free account to Coinbase

This is what I had for you today just a Coinbase review and what you can do inside the website. Get £30 worth of free coins from doing the quizzes then decide what alternative cryptocurrency, where you can see bigger returns for £30 with a 10x return on investment would be £330! :)

Doing this you might not make any money though it's a different way to look at investing in crypto.

Your buddy,


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