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Find out this secret that not many marketers even know about... Conversion Rate Formula with spiking effect! Combine both for the spike!


Boom what is happening my friend it's Cameron Malcolmson here, we're gonna be covering a conversion rate formula with a spiking Effect! It's gonna be pretty straightforward and to the point, because it's a really simple formula that if you just implement it works!

Personally ever since doing this here it just works! You can see here on the screen, that it's got these conversion blueprints so this is part of the conversion rate formula!


Here's an Example Website Current

You can see here that traditionally either someone focused on a website...

The problem with a website is that it's more like a "brand awareness" type of thing! It doesn't really drive sales so people come to the website they look about and they leave! If you're spending money, sending people directly to your website you're gonna be wasting money!


Then the next part is other people are missing... is they don't have the website part! They have this type of website which is a funnel, these used to work really really well! What we have seen recently past while is that people aren't really getting as much trust online!

A funnel alone isn't gonna cut it, a funnel's purpose is really to acquire customers and leads! If you're spending money for traffic and visitors to your landing page! Opt-in page collecting your emails sending them emails and putting them through your funnel!

How you're going to get that conversion spike, what we like to call it!

Is by implementing both of these strategies together! If you do it right you can see some really cool things going on! You're gonna have that funnel and place!

Then you're going to talk about it in your communication... It's going to bring people to your website which is your main community hub! Your main hub never changes it's your own you do what you want to do there! People come here and this is where you build a tribe!

Around the hub idea which is your main hub your website... You don't solely rely on that or you don't send any paid traffic there! Then the funnel comes in and this is where your sales are gonna come! Compliment them together...

I have seen people come through my landing page, exposed to the hub... Then they're opting in and doing different things on the hub! ;) Just because they get exposed to that and take better actions in the funnel as well!

On the hub side of things, "it's creating that conversion spike" where people are landing there! They're like whoa and can see what you're all about there! Get the right message and they can filter through want they want!

Then the funnel kicks in and it's taken them to the direct response marketing pages! This drives the sales and when you're taking people between... these two environments it's creating a new experience!

On the hub is where you're building know like a trust! Deliver value and people come back again and again and again you build a tribe! When you implement these two together and where you build the community and then the community getting together frequently...

Then you've got this funnel and this funnel system is going on in the background driving sales! You've got the connection... then you've got the sales side that works really really well together!

That's what's the whole conversion rate formula! If you like this video my friend you should head to the link and you're gonna find a whole bunch more! About what we cover on internet marketing and affiliate marketing!

Have a great one, I'll see you on the next one!


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