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Find out the Cult Following Secret Strategy For Internet Marketing. This post is about creating this one thing, that all the world-class companies have done.


What is happening my friend, it's Cameron Malcolmson here and in this, I wanted to talk about Cult Following For Internet Marketing! It's the difference between an improvement offer and a new base opportunity!

Why you should always tend to go for a new base opportunity compared to an improvement offer! Here are some companies all new based opportunity companies... the first one was Apple music and what they sort of stemmed from was the CDs, mp3s, CD players!

Then it became a Cult Following, For Internet Marketing, loads of people started getting behind this idea! Getting rid of the CD's mp3 players was a new opportunity... It was something to get rid of the old self which was a bit faulty!

The CDs mp3 players and CD players there. I think the next one if you look at it is Tesla and Tesla's new biggest opportunity is electric cars! The predecessor was old petrol cars!

Electric Cars is a new opportunity I think a lot of people are getting behind right now! It might be a little bit expensive the electric cars, the more made the less expensive it's going to be! The more people are going to get behind electric cars...

It's a new base opportunity rather than say another petrol car, so you're trying to bring another petrol car! Make a new brand of petrol car? It's not gonna be as good as when Elon Musk come up with new electric cars! He's probably making a lot more money than someone who comes up with just another petrol car!

It's a new opportunity! Then you've got Netflix which was a predecessor after blockbuster! When Netflix came out it says we're not gonna have DVDs anymore, we're not gonna have a physical store where someone goes out and rents a DVD and has to pay late fees.

People got tired of paying the fees and just go to Netflix! and Netflix is a new based opportunity a lot of people could get behind... they'd seen that they wanted to leave their old self behind!

That was going to be like blockbusters or extra Xtravision getting a DVD! Bringing them home and having to take it back down there again! They got rid of blockbuster and Netflix is this new based opportunity and tv and movies blew up!

This is another example of a new best opportunity rather than an improvement offer! When someone came out with another blockbuster Instead as an improvement offer instead you can order it and we'll post it out to you! That's not gonna pick up as well as a...

Completely new Cult Following For Internet Marketing like Netflix where you didn't even have to go near the shop! You could do it all from home! It's instantly in front of you, and there is nothing really like it really caught on well!

Another Cult Following For Internet Marketing is Airbnb for rooms, their predecessor it's kind of like hotels! Hotels are very expensive they are usually booked up... So say you've got this hotel right and Airbnb came out with let's say improvement offer...

The hotel would have more rooms so that hotel, Wi-Fi things, Bigger Pool... If you came out with a new hotel to try and get beat your competition with a hotel improvement offer which is very hard to set up to sell!

Whereas if it's a new base opportunity... the way Airbnb was people catch on to that really well because they're leaving their old selves behind! You can see right you don't have to go and pay a whole bunch of money as well!

Say I could go to Airbnb if I'm just staying at friends or the next town or city, you get an Airbnb and it's gonna cost you less money... and it's more effective!

Something like what we're doing here on Let's say the traditional jobs okay if I came to you and I said look! I've got a far better job here for you working from home. You can do your work on the computer, you can send emails and ads!

You're working this new job, thank you it's gonna be very hard... For me to convince you to come and start a new job and something that you know nothing about... It's okay let's say instead of me saying this as a new job it's your new business... it's a home-based business so this is a new opportunity!

Which is home-based there you can start instead of going to your traditional job! Now, this is the opportunity new based opportunity, that I have for you on depending on where you're reading this!

Compared to your traditional job so if I say that this is a new type of job! Where you can work from home and it's like an improvement offer! Which is a harder thing to offer someone! Think about it in the sense that you're building your own new home-based business, where you can work from home and you're your own boss!

It's not a job it's a completely new opportunity and this is what you want to think about! When building your internet business you don't want to go for an improvement offer! Because improvement offers are for people who are really ambitious!

Not a lot of the population are really ambitious, for example, say we have the mp3 player it holds 150 songs.

Everybody has that mp3 player most of the population have that mp3 player, we come out to the market with this mp3 player that can hold 1000 songs!

1000 songs okay around 2 per cent of the people who have this are gonna switch and go over to this improvement offer! We're what Steve Jobs said, as we have this new opportunity! which is the iPod, It fits in your pocket and it's cloud-based...

Say it holds so many songs and it was a new opportunity! Which he says started pointing out all the reasons why these different CD's old CDs before the mp3 player! That's why iPod Apple on Netflix. Airbnb blew up!

They are new based opportunities rather than improvement offers! A new based opportunity will attract more people rather than with an improvement offer! This is what have for you in this video my friend and I hope you enjoyed it! If you want to learn more as always make sure to head to the link below and I'll see you next one!


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