Easy Custom Traffic Tracking to Tell a Friend

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Easy Custom Tracking, certainly, is the best way to keep on top of your online business. When someone asks what was the URL or product you recommend, likewise, you can recall it like a champ. :-D This is a great thing to set up.

Especially saving time when you can remember a simple easy custom tracking domain that you make yourself. It has tons of other benefits in marketing. If you want to write it down for someone you can not really write down a long generic link. Keeping it simple in turn, therefore, will speed up and save time. Just as easy as saying if you want to know the tracking software I use you can go to; http://YourCustomTracking.domain/tracking

This is going to be a leap forward for any online business. As custom tracking and tracking, in general, will be the first place you go when deciding to scale. This Video was something to cover because it is a very simple strategy. That can set you up for massive gains later on in the journey.

This Tracking software is such a powerful tool. You can see just from this one area that I cover here in the video. You can really get a solid foundation. To create a control centre that I have not even covered in depth in this video. So Easy custom Tracking in this video is all about simplicity with your URL and being able to remember them off the top of your head if and when you are out and about.


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