Effect of Repetition

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Hey my friend, have you wanted to know the positive effect of repetition!

Well, my uncle asked me last week how can you do the same thing... Over and over :P

Kinda like doing videos and making value posts like this! Well...

Here it is the more and more you do something with intention, you will get better over time!

It's super simple, say the first time doing something... the second time, your most likely going to be better at it! Right?

Also, when you factor in the compounding effect of the law of accumulation... and it all adds up in your favour!


I hope you understand the effect of repetition, and how powerful it is. Especially when you're building your future!

Doing the same thing over and over again should just be a habit... & with a high beam vision, it's fun... You will be thinking about your why? Why are you doing this, for me, it's to show you this new type of education!

The way I want to show you is through Cameronlimitless! and what we talk about here is all things internet business! :-D

Let me know if you have any questions, my friend!

Take care and all the best,


Your Buddy


P.S. When I talked about the $25 Jokes activity... Doing it over and over again turned into something more... Here's the video from Steve Harvey on it


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