Email Marketing Domain Setup!

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BOOM - Email Marketing Domain Setup, this is what I have for you today, my friend.

Let me know if you are ok? Hope you're doing great! :-D This totally changed my marketing game when I started doing this!

I don't know about you but most people starting off online don't realise you shouldn't really use a generic email for email marketing! I know, I was at the start. That's why doing this strategy helped me to do it right!

The idea of getting a Private Email Address didn't pass my mind when I started... (not like the pros)<< I was writing emails but not the way. That I could have, I had moved to the City so it was closer for me to get to work! But writing and videos...

You can base this around any online business, specifically with a professional email marketing Domain Setup.

Email Marketing Domain Setup!

It was kind of unprofessional<< But, yea that's where I started, certainly, when you think about it... It's kind of silly! When I really found out about this idea of having a Brand this" Fitted me for where I was at, and I have been and was shown Email Marketing Domain Setup!

So this is what I am all about! I wanted to Be Pro! and Go to the Top of Leader Boards, even mote, back then! I wanted to rise to the top with the Top Producers! Setting up your private email is definitely a no-brainer, most noteworthy when I really Learned about it! :)

Something was up, hence, I didn't know what to do with the emails, even more, I didn't have anywhere to bring someone! or even know anything about the strategy that I'm going to be sharing with you here, Show up and Push yourself as hard as you can sometimes I'm sure it will all be worth it...

The Reason you should do Email Marketing Domain Setup (private mail)! is because of the deliverability! Most of the Autoresponders don't let you use a generic email address, furthermore, sure you might get away with it but is it really worth having it set up?<< The Main domain I would recommend is <<

If you follow what I'm doing working with Namecheap will be good for you, it will make your Life 10X easier if you keep it separate! (Thinking Long-term), Tips for picking a domain, keep it short two words and easy to spell! You could get if it's available! That would be Super Cool! Anything you Could imagine!

Domain Got? Great! Where you can see your domain in the back office, just go to the manage option! The next step go to Private Email, then go down to buy a mailbox! You, Will, Get a FREE Mailbox! Sound cool? :) you can select [email protected] or [email protected] this is where you will be sending your emails from!

Once you  Got Your Private Email Marketing Domain Setup! Now Go to the email Automation Software and go to Email Settings! Set up your New Email there Boom Bada Boom you are Done! and Ready to Start Sending Professional Marketing emails like a Champ! :)


Have a great day,

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