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What's up my friend hope you doing great! It's Cameron Back here again for this second part of your Funnel! This is the part that most Gurus don't talk about or won't tell you about! But it is hands down the most important part of your Funnel! And in this one, certainly, I wanted to Give You Your First Two Email Follow-Ups!

For your online business, similarly, if you are going to model what I'm doing here... Everything you see me recommending, you can recommend to your People on your (email Follow-up) Too! This Is about Connecting your Autoresponder Up! Getting it Hooked up to the Website /Entry Funnel I gave you previously! :)

Flip my friend for me when I wanted to build an online business. I knew that I wanted to build it to the point where it is fully Automated! To Be honest I just started writing emails ... I had no real clue what way to go about this and I was sending people to different offers... that's OK but it's not a great strategy!

Especially when I want to set you up for the Big Leagues, also, the Limitless Life my Friend! :-D This can set you up to the point, certainly, where you don't have to be there working in your online business! Instead, work on it! :) and I really didn't know the right way to structure everything...

The Book I recommend to you the other day... when I read it, as a result, it was still cloudy to me! But I Followed what was in it and Started writing emails! :) The Main Part of this is to help you to get your Autoresponder Hooked up, first of all, to your Website! and what exactly to do with your Autoresponder! :)

Step 1; Create your Account!

Step 2; Create a Form, Go to New Form, inline, clean (to HOOk up to Our website)!

Step 3; Name the New Form! :)

Step 4; Integrating Your Site and Autoresponder for Email Follow-Ups.

Go to Website Builder Integrations and copy API key from Autoresponder!

The past and name your new integration! BOOM You're Hooked UP!

Step 5; Go to the Opt-in page where you collect emails on your website.

Then go to settings integrations and select subscribe to form connections to the new form you named at the start! :)

Step 6; Add New Sequence (Called Welcome Email Follow-Ups) or the like :)

Step 7; Write Your First two Emails; Where the Magic Happens!

Example Email 1

Subject Line;  (Login Info) your Fast Track to Greatness Account


Hi, YourName here,

Let me welcome and congratulate you for
taking this first step to creating the

Good life your account details are below...

Step #1>>(Let's Get Your Account Setup)<< Add your Link Here


Did you start the challenge? and set up
your account? If YES, then keep reading...


I am very excited to work with you share
what's working for me and help you reach your
desired goals online (like all of the students

within the community are currently doing)

You see Our Vision is to create a substantial
amount of success stories this year alone.

I would love to add your Bonuses, so let's
give you the biggest breakthrough ever.

Ready to start your new online business?

We would love to help you build it and give
you all the support you need on this journey.

(Just Go Here - Sign Up To Get Started.)<< Add your Link Here

Step #2 Once you set up your account, reach
out to me (by writing to me in this email)...

And I will Give You Your FREE Membership!

We believe the best way to create success

stories are to work closely with our people and
create a real relationship with you and those
we work with, so you're always taken care of.


Talk Very Soon,
Your Name.

Example Email 2 

Subject line; Smart Awareness Builder... This Platform is AMAZING!


It's still hard to believe sometimes...

...but the reality is, this is YOUR choice! :-D, I gave you the keys to the front door! that keeps on giving, an ecosystem that can teach you multiple income streams That I just tested out and its quality information! (The Challenge...)<< Add your Link Here

Was I sceptical about this at first?

Absolutely, this was exactly what I was looking for!

Boy was I glad I took that leap of faith & tested this out for me. Fast forward a few months, and wish I had been introduced to this concept years ago.


switching it up adding multiple income streams and getting rewarded based on results, this is yours...

To finally understand true entrepreneurship, having your monies make you more cha-ching!
Why not!! Now we want to give you this training that is currently showing me how to create a good life and more.

This will get you plugged into the Platform

>>Here's Your Link<< Add your Link Here

...and you will see for yourself in the community, and how people are loving it.

There is a spot for you and once you're all connected, you will be able to reach levels you never thought possible, we're experiencing it on a daily basis!

Chat with you soon


Your Marketing Buddy;

Your Name

Step 8; Once Everything is Loaded up and Hooked up (Set up Automation!) Go to Automation (then New Automation). Click on Joins form then Select the Form you created earlier! then add the Event!

Go to Email sequence and select the new sequence you just created! Then Just make sure and Activate it! and That's You, Likewise, Chickie-BOOM Bada Boom! 

Hope you Liked the emails to get you all hooked up,

Your Buddy