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Boom hey my friend it's Cameron Malcolmson here, and in this one, we are going to be talking about the Epiphany Definition To Make Money Online!

When starting off we don't know much about the "technobabble"! It's kind of like in Internet marketing or whatever your niche is, there are certain phrases/words that you use that you might be familiar with!

Yet people coming in it might not be familiar with it. Some examples would be traffic, conversions, copywriting and sales funnels! That's kind of like "technobabble" and people will just blank out when you're trying to talk to them!

So this is kind of like technobabble when we start to really learn about what our niche is. We started learning this technobabble! We've moved from when we didn't know the technobabble to the logical side!

We learn everything about it then we go learn all the logic behind it. Then we go tell our friend about it, we're talking about the logic and all the technobabble! Yet there like us when we started they just don't get it!

They don't know the technobabble they don't get it... It kinda just goes over their head! You have to really go back over the Epiphany Definition To Make Money Online! Think about what was that emotion that give you that desire to go on over the bridge!

So when we try and talk about or product or service in the technobabble no one really gets it! Unless they have had the epiphany themselves and already know the logic and geeked out about it themselves!

The idea of the Epiphany Definition To Make Money Online is to go back to the emotion. When you got that emotion you know "I really want to learn about that more". Then talk about the epiphany that you had!

People will have the same kind of epiphany get emotionally attached. Having the same emotion that you had when you crossed the bridge and started to learn the technobabble!

If they come across the bridge, they'll possibly learn the technobabble as well! So this is kind of called the Epiphany Definition To Make Money Online! Go back to when you had that epiphany yourself!

Keep in mind when you're publishing to talk about things is using kinda like bridges! So when you come across a new concept say it's like a sales funnel. Say a sales funnel, it's kind of like and then you say what they understand!

Someone who works for you round the clock 365 days a year seven days a week. Without asking for a day off that's kind of like a sales funnel! Use this kind of like a bridge when you're talking about your products or services!

If you catch yourself talking about technobabble you can go to a kinda bridge. Something people understand!

Now there is an Epiphany Definition To Make Money Online detailed in the book Below! This here book I use all the time now, I've read it now twice. It's only really since it was shown to me I really got that concept!

What your gonna want to do is kind of use this script which goes over your structure! On Epiphany Definition To Make Money Online! How you should go about publishing to really give other people the epiphanies that you had whenever you discovered your product or service!

It's gonna clear up all that technobabble and it's gonna give you something to really follow each time you go to do some publishing!

This book I use all the time so If you what to find out more exactly on Epiphany Definition To Make Money Online! When you're going to do your publishing make sure and go to your page 115!

Just break it down on exactly what you're gonna say the more and more you do it, the more you'll just remember it on the top of your head!

Just go through it in the order I'll just talk you through the order here.

Start off with a back story and build rapport, then you're gonna want to talk about internal and external desires!

Talk about the wall the situation you were in, what was the Epiphany you had and the plan to achieve your desires!

Conflict on that journey and then the achievement and transformation!

Take like a ten thousand foot overview this here you kind of want a deliver your stories because this is storytelling and this is kinda how you sell!

If you really want to dive deep into it! I highly suggest getting the book below and really diving into it yourself!

But this is what way you wanna start off and go through and check off these here!

The book will go into way more detail than what I can explain to you here! The book is free you just need to cover shipping and handling!

I have a great one, see ya later!


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