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Hey, Cameron Malcolmson here is about Free Online Publishing Platforms! There are three main ways to publish videos, writing and audio!

Top 5 Free Online Publishing Platforms, to start publishing now! Start publishing your Story is because all the big, big people in the industry, all of them published. Without a doubt, if they don't they do a little bit!


If you don't publish you can't get your message or voice out, for people to know like and trust you! Ideally, just pick one of these or a few of them to do!

I do youtube videos, then write a blog post about the YouTube video! Then stack that blog post on one of the networks I'm gonna show you...

I do a Facebook Live record audio for a podcast, then I'd stack that into Instagram TV! So really I do three things YouTube videos, write blog posts and then Facebook lives!

Where you can go to start your own audio podcast, is

You can see It's had 43 plays all the time, I only started out there on the ninth like two months ago! It's had 43 plays already there's been, people listening to it! You can see where people are listening on iOS, anchor etc. You can really start to build up your presence on the podcast there!

The cool thing is that you just need to do it once and Anchor will put it on to iOS, Spotify, Android and all the other places for you so that's cool.

The next thing is writing if you've got your own website writing your own blog, that's cool really cool! I found out about this when I heard of people talking about writing on

There is a guy on there who wrote like a 20-minute long blog post, and he was siphoning people from Medium onto his email list! Thousands of people every time he writes one because he built up a big following there.

(update my medium account got shut down because I was reposing my content from here. I still have access to everything it's just no longer live!)

That's why I started using it because I was doing the work anyway! I may as well put it on here as well and you can see that for a short amount of time that I was doing it how many views I got on the posts! How many reads, the read ratio and I had how many fans... people clapped the blog post.

Always leave your link below to build your email list! You can bring them back to your value piece, either podcast, blog etc. Then the third thing you can do is Facebook lives/ Instagram lives and YouTube videos!

I know people who published a lot on YouTube. That's something I'll be doing a lot more as well! I'll be publishing more frequently! That's what I wanted to talk to you about setting up Free Online Publishing Platforms! There are Audio (podcasts), Writing (blogs) and Videos!

I'll leave some links for resources, hope you like this post have a great one I'll catch ya later! 😊


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