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This is on Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing! My recommendations I've tested and what has worked for me!

Other strategies are great Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing! I haven't really tried and tested, test any one of three to your heart's content! I've seen examples of all three of them working really well!

The main one is Facebook Live! Put up value on your Facebook page when people get something from you, that is to say, they are inclined to give you something back!

It's the law of reciprocity, keep giving away stuff on your lives (value), moreover, people will come towards you it's kind of an interesting one!

It's worked really well for me, as a result, I got leads and sales doing facebook lives! That's the number one Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing! Do giveaways and provide value, to help to get shares and get the viral side going!

Another, most importantly, is YouTube! With a simple call to action, now it takes a bit of time to build up channel authority! My mentor uses it all the time. He gets almost, nearly all his traffic from this free traffic from Facebook and YouTube!

YouTube is a great place, people search out your videos! You need to be good at search engine optimization, most noteworthy, make your head headline being a long tail keyword! Have like a 2-300-word description in your video, furthermore, make your video engaging, YouTube ranks you naturally!

I watched a webinar talking about using Medium! Then I came across medium, on a training course I used! Pretty much blog posts, people write in blogs on this for free too! Then at the end of the post, you just want to leave a link, even more, give away something there in exchange for an email address!

You can get Free Traffic For Affiliate Marketing here, I've done five blog posts and good interaction and stuff! Yet haven't had any opt-ins yet, I haven't really put much time and effort into this!

There's a guy that would write a 20-minute blog post. Posting once or twice a week, about entrepreneurial stuff! He was giving a little call the action giving away a cheat sheet!

From each blog post, he was getting thousands of people opting in!

Those are the three Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing. The one that worked the best for me is Facebook lives! That's my main recommendation!

Have a great, one I hope you enjoyed this one, catch you again soon...


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