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Ever worked a long 12 hour day doing physical work? That's hard work... Here we are talking about working hard to raise your awareness then working smart faster...


Hey, what's happening my friend? It's Cameron Malcolmson here in this I want to talk about the feeling you get when you accomplish something! You just feel really good, you're like yeah! It's like that little feeling you get inside you when you give it you're all!

Really building an internet business it's gonna be hard my friend! What's hard isn't easy, what you do in life that's hard will be better for you in the long run... If you do stuff that's easy it's going to be hard for you later...! This idea of the feeling you get...

When you're working towards your goals it makes you feel so good! With this internet business, it's gonna be hard when you started! You start to get the little wins you start to feel better about your progress and your confidence grows!

When you start to skill up... Have you ever worked a big long hard 12-hour day doing a manual labour job? That's like physical work, it's like you have to physically go and do things, lift things your body has to be there to do it! That's hard physical work!

With an internet business, you don't really do much physical work! It's more mental work and the mental work can be a little bit straining too.... at the same time it's "your awareness" that will dictate how much you earn!

If you don't know what you're doing you're not gonna make very much money!

You're probably going to spend a lot of time learning it! Then when you know that skill it takes you a lot less time to implement it! oh... It's in your head rather than physically having to lift it! If you're doing physical stuff over a long period of time it can be hard on you...

If you're doing smart work over a long period of time it gets simpler for you! Where you can execute it faster, and you know what you're doing which is really cool! The whole idea this is yeah it's going to be hard!

Though it's about getting the awareness and using your mindset to turn that hard work at the start... and turn it into smart work very fast! That's what you can achieve you can turn hard work into smart work very fast! Compared to building any sort of other business...

It's way better I think and still a business at the same time! Look at McDonald's or Amazon or different brands' internet presence they all do similar things... Like a hub, email lists, databases... The principles for any business are what we're talking about Cameronlimitless!

I think it's really good work, I really enjoy it! I think it's the future of businesses! Like I said you're gonna be raising your awareness and then turn that hard work building into doing things... Into smart work that works really hard for you!

Here are 2 stories about guys doing internet marketing/ Affiliate marketing that kept working hard! The first person is a Guy called Sid he's from India, he worked with a company and got laid off because it wasn't doing well, he had no job!

He didn't have that much money and started looking online he put a song online and he made a bit of money from it! That's what piqued his interest... When he lost his job he started to build his own physical business that took him years to build up!

It was an agency he built & he ended up having all these different clients... It was kind of like he ended up leaving with one boss and having all these different bosses, which he didn't really want! That's when he turned to like doing affiliate marketing!

He started building his affiliate marketing business and within the first month or something, he started generating a lot of money! He was already doing stuff online, but wasn't getting the results he was looking for! Then when his results came they came so fast!

I've watched one of his videos before, that's why I wanted to share the story with you, It's crazy how much his income just like exploded!

Here's the Video on Sidz Story...


He says the way his business was set up he made a 100K selling one of his front end products! That was only one product he made 100K within like a year! Then he had multiple other different streams of income... like tools and other courses that were on the back end as well!

He says his income doubled, tripled and quadrupled month after month! After he figured this out... ending up getting way up to 100K! That was really cool story because this guy came from India... He didn't have that much money at one point! He had a wife and a kid to look after and he turned it all around!

He's making a whole bunch of money online which is crazy! That was just one story that guy put in the hard work, built up an agency and then he doesn't want all these different bosses... So he built that to the point where I would run without him. (systems)!

He built his own thing and it was so a cool story that's why I wanted to share it with you!

Also this guy Aaron Chen he's a guy from Malaysia! When he started he didn't have a clue about affiliate marketing! He put on a lot of hard work and he worked at a corporate job! Always trying to build something on the side taking his money and spending on the wrong kind of traffic... (solo ads)!

He was maybe making a little few sales, but wasn't ever breaking through! Until he found out this information I'm sharing it with you! The same principles he started to flipping breakthroughs too! He's got his own course and he's making a lot of money now as well!

It took him 7 YEARS... learning to do the wrong stuff until he is finally broke through! Is it worth it breaking through? Well, it's hard like I said at the start that builds an internet business! It's not easy because it does with the mental work!

The rewards are great at the end you can see the people who do reap rewards, they reap a big harvest!

So yeah it's gonna be hard, that's why so many people when they start this journey... They go along and then they've hit some obstacles in the way and just give up! If you just keep going and keep going... as Aaron went for seven years he finally broke through making bank!

He lives a great lifestyle, I see him posting pictures all around the world! This was just wanted to share with you, the way that it's hard! Then the feeling that you get when you've accomplished something that was hard...

Maybe it's whenever you're a school or something and you got top of the class maybe! Maybe you won an award for best handwriting or some sort of descriptive writing!

Something you've done in art or you got an award for being the best swimmer that feeling!

When you actually finally make it to the end and you've accomplished what you set out and accomplished! How proud you could actually be whenever you build your own internet business! Then the reason why not many people do make it is that it's hard!

Not many people are willing to go and put in the hard work! Turn hard work into smart work (really fast) This is what I want to share with you in this video my friend! :)

If you want to learn the same information that I was talking about that Aaron and sid learnt! I'm learning as well I've left you the training below to have a look at, hope you have a great day! I'll see you again soon take care!


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