How Do Google Ads Work?

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What's up my friend Cameron here, ever wondered how do google ads work? Well, it's pretty easy to go to google, make a search campaign and get visitors to your website... It's what I did when I got started... But, it was like I couldn't see the forest from the trees... Reading this book - (1 Page marketing plan) - Gives the best explanation of what marketing is...

It says "A circus puts up a sign up on the highway, that's Advertising... The elephant walks down into the town with a banner on it saying circus on Saturday, that's a promotion... If the elephant walks over the flower bed and ends up in the newspaper, that's publicity... And if the mayor laughs about it, that's public relations...

Marketing's what makes that all happen."

Now if you understand this when you look at Google as a network... There are different things you should consider. For example, how do google ads work, is "they have smart AI".

What you can do is ask... What am I optimizing for? Awareness, consideration or action?

Then you can add a google tag to your site, and create custom audiences to tailor where they are on their journey.

What a google ads campaign it's like an event, you should look at, it with a high beam vision.

See you will have ads optimized for different results. And all of this works together using google's smart AI.

If you want to learn this for yourself like I'm doing... There is a place called google skill shop - click here - where you can learn all about how Google ads work.


So when you go there you can learn traffic generation. This is a great place because Google wants you to make money and keep advertising on their platform.

There is a low barrier of entry too, anyone can become google certified. There are different tests you do and learn about how it all works then get certified.

Now why would you do this, well it's kind of like cheating on a test, the only person you cheating on is yourself. So before ever spending money there, you should get certified.

That's what I'm doing at least then you will know how to correctly use the platform. And the different ad types you can use in your campaign. Also leveraging their smart AI.

This is a skill that not many people have or even know about, and you can go to the skill shop in your own time at your own pace to learn how to master google ads for yourself!


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