How to Become an Entrepreneur

(the process)

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Hey, what's happening my friend? it's Cameron here, just in Glasgow! Moved over about 2 weeks ago that's why you probably haven't seen any updated late videos lately. Wanted to talk about the process of something I learnt a few weeks ago or about a month ago, it really changed my view on this whole entrepreneurship GAME!

How To Become an Entrepreneur (the process)!

I Got another wee video coming up again to go into more depth, this was a real eye-opener! I learnt from the Entrepreneur Show, what a mentor has shown me. It's really opened my eyes and that's why I felt it would be a good one to share with you in this first 10 video series!

How To Become An Entrepreneur the process, there is a process to everything! In the same way, there is a process when you work at McDonald's and there is a process on how to become an Entrepreneur!

I learnt this From the Entrepreneur Show and my mentor (Vick Strizheus)!

The Process of McDonald's is simple, think... one person does the bap... one person does the burger, one person puts it together and gives it to the customer and put it through the till!

It's like a process and it's a pretty simple process!! :-D

To keep this Kinda short! What is the process of becoming an Entrepreneur? This is pretty simple when I found out about it, right Entrepreneur makes money solves a problem and gets paid, it's SALES, right and how do you make a sale?

Sales and money come from confidence, so you have to be confident about what you are selling! How you become confident about what you sell is to become competent and this is the process! So, The Process of Becoming an Entrepreneur is Confidence and what proceeds from confidence is competence!

Want proceeds competence is training! This is what I wanted to share this one first (the process of becoming an entrepreneur and how you make sales) is all through training! Because you may go days, weeks months without making any sales. Keep training and Training and you will get Better and Better!

You will become more competent and confident in what you are selling and money will become the byproduct, this is How To Become An Entrepreneur (the process) just training and Training hard! Watch out for the next one because it's coming up Very Soon!


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