How to Build Your Email List for FREE!

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Have you been wondering how to build an email list for free? This is what I'm going to share with you in this post it's a three-step process.

I'm going to walk you through each individual step on how you can build an email list for completely FREE! 😊


You're probably wanting to know how can you bring people to your new landing page. Here's the next step "Start building your influence online"!

STEP 1: Establish Your Distribution Channel

Identify what channel you are going to post on. You're going to create content in the form of video, audio or writing.

You can create video content on youtube, Facebook, TikTok etc, etc...

To create audio content that will be posted to the Apple podcast, Spotify at other podcast channels check out You can upload audio content there.

Looking to publish the written word like a blog? I would go and get some website hosting and create a blog on or what I'm using now, public launch coming soon.

It's simplest to just get Bluehost hosting as it has a 1 click WordPress install and you'll get a blog and everything simple enough! (this can get you started. (I've moved my blog to new technology) you can get on the waitlist for it.

STEP 2: Influence Building Campaign

You'll need is 100 questions that you're going to post about.  This will be 100 questions in your niche that people are asking.

Get 100 questions auto-generated at just type in whatever your niche is and you'll get tons of ideas!

Once you have 100 questions add them to an influence building Campaign!

STEP 3: Publish Consistent Content

When your publishing content consistently follows this format. Inspiration, Content and Call To Action (CTA).

Inspiration can just come from you being excited and your energy! Content is the content about the question you answering and the CTA would be mentioning your lead magnet.

Just like this...

Then Finally…

This was how do you get people to come to your new landing page for free... Keep a lookout for new blog posts coming up, I’ll share with you some email marketing strategies to build your ultimate traffic media and more!

How to build an email list for free. Learn about how people are creating their own limitless lifestyle business online click here for my best resource to help you further!

And to the huge waves of potential on the internet!

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