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This is, most noteworthy, How To Create E Cover Assets I was looking about where you could go an make these, I didn't know where to go! I looked all of YouTube, even more, I couldn't find a place to make them!

If you're giving away a free pdf download, certainly, it gives it a better-perceived value!

There are ones you can have and it looks like your course on the phone! How To Create E Cover Assets, furthermore, there are books, likewise, there's products. This is gonna give your books, products and services, a better finish!

These are some ideas, I'll show you exactly how to go about creating them! I did these and I made them myself! I'll show you exactly where I went to make them, you don't have to make them you can get someone else to make them!

I paid someone and they put it on the E-Book Cover and I did the cover on Canva! You can actually, get pre-made templates here, grab the pre-made template and change about whatever you like! or just start from scratch and go crazy to make it look good!

If you're not feeling up to it...

You don't have to make one yourself,  also like, I went and made one myself! I kind of like that, I just went to Fiverr <[affiliate link] and I typed "e covers", I just found someone there! Make sure they include the copyrights to their design!

My E-Cover was already done, even more, they only had to add it to the E-book cover and I just paid them! That took a few days to do on Fiverr <[affiliate link]! I designed the cover and I got someone to put it onto the book!

If you have a free pdf download you can get someone to make the cover as well! If you don't wanna make it, then add it to your own book resources > Canva and Fiverr <[affiliate link] two places I went to at the start...

Then there's this other one, which, I'll leave the link to as well it's really cool! It's called Smart <[affiliate link]

You can design Everything your own course and add these to smartphones, books and multiple devices on Smart Mock-ups! <[affiliate link] There's going to be different sized images to fit onto these, most noteworthy, what you can do is actually go to Canva and go custom dimensions and type the dimensions and make sure that the image is the right size!

That is what I wanted to share with you in this here, How To Create E Cover Assets and really pull together all the E Cover assets for your offer! When we put the funnel together and add everything into it!

Hope you enjoyed this wee one, see ya!


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