How To Get Out of a Rut!

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Have you ever felt stuck? In a rut and don't know how to get out? This is about how to get out of a rut if that's the way you have been thinking...


Hey, what's happening my friend? Cameron Malcolmson here, and in this post I just wanted to share with you... How To Get Out of a Rut, do you ever feel stuck? Stuck in the same place, doing the same things, seeing the same people over and over again?

Maybe you're feeling like this fish in the fish bowl? Just going round and round and round in circles! Well you might be feeling like this and if you do, you may feel like you're limited and your times limited... you may even feel like you have no freedom...

Doing the same work the same things over and over again! Going home to the same routine, again and again, maybe you like that and maybe you don't... Friend for me I didn't really like it! I wanted to break out of this circle, with how to get out of a rut!

If your feeling like that too, how you can start affiliate marketing on the side! Okay, so why might you be going round and round?

Well, you don't have a goal... You don't know where you're gonna go, my friend! If you're in on this with me I highly, highly encourage you to write down a big goal! Write down a big hairy audacious goal! A personal goal, a business goal, a relationship goal a massive goal!

It's something that you can work towards and it has to affect change! This is what Zig Ziggler says "in order for a goal to be effective it has to affect change" and if it affects change this is what I said, "it's going to affect this circle" that you might be doing!

When you're going round and round that's all you see! So you're constantly reinforcing that idea, do you get me? Then you do the same things again and again over and over! When you have a big goal and then you're going towards that goal... you will think about it more!

You will start to change your direction... and like a ship leaves the harbour... When it starts you can't really see the difference but then it goes like 20 miles, 50 miles a hundred miles! It's way off in the distance and away off in a different direction!

You can end up very very surprised about where you end up in the next two, three, five years! If you just start to work towards your goal! How do you get out of a rut, now where does affiliate marketing fit into the grand scheme of things?

With affiliate marketing, it's pretty much all online and the most difficult part of the business is value delivery! It just makes sense to find a company or companies that you can align with, that fit into your vision of what you want online! Leverage what they have, leverage their hard work and efforts my friend!

You can create time location freedom in affiliate marketing by only focusing on these two things! Traffic and conversions that's it my friend and you just hand off the value delivery!

When you do this you can have a system for traffic and conversions! This is when you start to work on your business and not on it... You don't have to go out grind all the time to make money! All you gotta do is build the engine and fuel it with the best fuel on the planet!

When you get really good you can do this from anywhere in the world! You can make more money than you can ever imagine working and any other job! This is how you break out, this is how you can break out of that circle that you might be in!

This is something that I want to share with you because I was in this circle! Other people might feel the same, I wanted to break out of it and this is the best way I found to break out of that circle! If you feel like you're in that fishbowl, even a hamster wheel...

Just going around feeling like you're doing the same things meeting the same people over and over again! Years have passed and you're still doing these same things! For How to get out of a rut, what's missing is a big hairy audacious goal!

Also if you're interested and want to build something massively successful online... Build your vision, align with companies and hand off the value delivery... I've left your program you can have a look at as well, and I'll see you in the next one, my friend!

Thanks for watching, I'll see again.


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