How To Manage Money Wisely

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Money Management IS Life Management

This is how most peoples lives run, get up go to work. Work really hard if your an achiever and then make money.

Next is we see something we like and buy it. Boom, simple it's not a rocket science.

The problem is like Jim Rohn say's when your a kid or have kids let's say someone give's you a dollar.

What do you think most kids would do with that dollar? Or what would you do with it if you were a kid?

Most people say they would spend it on sweets haha. That's what kid's do right?

Ideally you don't want to spend the whole dollar, if you do and keep doing this you'll end up working hard for money all your life.

How Most People Do it

This is the model that most people in the world are running. They go out to get the money it goes into one bank account and they spend money, out same bank account buying stuff.

For example, if say they make $10,000 and that hit's their bank account. They think OK I have $10,000 a start going and buying things until they look in their one bank account the realize they only have $2,000 left. If they're running an internet business next they'll have uncle Sam knocking on the door looking for taxes.

Even better yet trying to manage any money in one account is a bad idea. Cause it looks like you have all this money and your buying shopping, the rent, investments present for people and next thing you know it's gone! You don't know where it all went!

How to manage money wisely

You might be looking at this thinking it's a bit much? You might even be thinking, ah, I'll do this all when I become rich.

The truth is that if you cannot manage money in small amounts like the kid with the dollar you'll never be able to manage big amounts of money a build wealth!

This is it my friend, how to manage money wisely!

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