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Hey, My Friend my Names Cameron Malcolmson. Today I wanted to Cover how to multiply yourself when You're Building Your Online Business. If you think back to a time when you were in school, possibly or even in work and you said to yourself flip I wish I could multiply myself!

Well, this is for you, my friend... You see I was like this once too. But I Never Knew how?

Sometimes I worked up to 3 different Jobs before I found this out!... But that's nothing like what I am about to share with you here. Do you remember when you were in school and you had these Visions? Maybe that one day you could multiply yourself, or even a Vision of living in a Nice House with a Big Family... Driving Nice Cars and Living the Live You Dreamed about...

Well, My Vision was something like this, and I really wanted a headquarters to run a different business from... So that's when I decided to... I Studied for 6 Years wanting to build my own business and put in the late nights, sitting in on the weekends. I Really wanted to Reach my dream...

But it took 6 Years to Get there and have to work multiple jobs just to get by... If I even Could anyways...

So After 6 years of Studying and making it to University, I found myself still having multiple Jobs. I was Sitting in my work placement. I felt like I was getting held back and not treated like a Grownup... You know I spent a Year doing this and at the end of it, I was still doing the same things?

It truly baffled me why I was working hard having to do multiple Jobs. Taking a lot of time to get to where I really wanted to be... That was having one headquarters to run the different business from! That's when I noticed what people were doing on the internet, specifically With The Assets that Multiply themselves.

The plan was to start to really build me! All the appropriate Assets needed for any online business. The First Time writing my story was Fun But Hard... Now By the time of writing this, I have written 3 Versions of my Origin Story. This is going to be the First thing You need to help to multiply Yourself.

This Image is Showing where These Stories and Videos Fit in :)

Back then when I started this online Game, I remember Trying to do a Facebook live to tell my story... Flip, I froze up! I mean completely forgot what to say and All that :) But you know something... This was just the start of really getting Great at Multiplying Myself with my Onlne Business... and it's been a Fun Journey. You Just really have to get the Courage to start and find Your Voice Online.

Every Good Marketer has a Bag Full of Stories and this is Something, you can start with when you Are Multiplying Yourself! Start with your Origin Story and take these parts and Use different Parts when you are Testing Your Material! Kind of like how a Comedians Get Great at telling Jokes, they Try All different Jokes and then Keep the Good Ones that Work! :)

The Next Area where You Can Multiply Yourself is on Videos! If you Really wanted to Start this... But didn't want to be on Video, you don't even have to Be in front of the Camera, Just Use Slides! :) You can Prerecord Your Video to make Sure it's Just Right! and Really Start to Multiply yourself On Video with a Good Strategy!

Facebook live is a great place to get started too but it can be a bit nerve-wracking to Go LIVE! Just don't get too attached to the Outcome, I found this to be a great help. When I started thinking about it this way :)... like I Always say you don't want to rely only on One, So make Sure and Try Your Best to Multiply Yourself with Stories and Videos and Focus on Building Your Assets, Stacking Your Activities and Multiplying Yourself...



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