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Boom! What is up my Friend, Here today I have for you How to Write an Email that Sells! Email Marketing Strategy! When I started thinking about this and starting to write Emails, I just started to write them... There Great! :) Back then Just sent people to the sales page from the Email! It was like Buy! Buy! Buy!... This is not the Best Strategy!

I wanted to Be Great at Internet Marketing and Emails, and Kept Studying Email Marketing! One of the Core Pillars! I was Hungry! So I spent my Time money and Resources when Going to Find out about this whole email marketing thing! What I found out For you today is... How to write an email that sells!

My Friend, I'm not saying I'm an Expert, But I do study this nearly every single day! And Just wanted to share this with you here, is what I have found out so far about it! Through the money I have Spent as I said, I have found out about 3, 4 people or more all Implement this strategy for "How to write an email that sells"!

This specific strategy Today I have for you is called the Soap-Opera Sequence! This is in a book that I had recommended before... we are talking about email marketing strategy, because by this stage... you would have your website that's Great! Or If you Have the Website I gave you That's Great!

Right, We are Going the Follow the Soap Opera Sequence! You Should have your Two Follow Up Emails I gave you Too :) Loaded up into your Autoresponder! If You are going to want to Write another Email, just go to write a Broadcast Email in your Email Autoresponder!

This is how we are going to Stack and Multiply yourself! Pretty Much Through Email Sequences! Internet Marketing Stories and Videos! So We are Going to want to write a Broadcast Email and then Put it into a Sequence!

It's Kinda Like Just Writing a Wee Email... and then you can Copy it and put it into Your Sequence! As you Send Broadcasts, even more, Your Building Sequences! That might be a Bit Of a Deep Strategy Right Now! You are Going to want to Do a Soap Opera Sequence to build Know Like and Trust, similarly, with people who are just coming into your world!

What you are going to want to do, certainly, is Set the Stage! In Your First Email that you send bring and introduce your Own Attractive Charature to the People on your Email List! You, Will, want to "Set the Stage in the First Email!" But You Don't have to Call Your Email Set the Stage Call It Whatever You Want!

An example, I use is, likewise, a Welcome Email that you Could Have Already Been Through! :) You Are going to Kinda Want to do this, Certainly, For your Online Business! You're Going to want to do this to Set the Stage, similarly, That's What I did!

The Next Email is your Origin Story Refined, condensed, tuned. You Can Put Your Own Origen Story in there and Refine it over time. It's Just Like, hence, a Video or a Piece of content or writing and on your website! :)  In Your Second Email Tell your Backstory to the Point of the Wall and you leave it at the Wall!

Just In the Second Email and this is how we are going to pull people to the next email! Write it like a Soap Opera Sequence, even more, that's going to Be Seven Days Long! Including you're Two Follow up Emails that I gave you Earlier! :)

Then on Day Three after you have told your Backstory! You are going to want to give away something for free as well! But the Next Day is Your Epiphany, What was that Big Idea that if you Just Knew this One thing Everything Else Becomes Irrelevant. Tell your Epiphany and talk about the ONE Thing!

If You Just, Pushed this one Big Domino Over for your Prospects! That would make everything else become irrelevant! These Strategies are all in the Book I Recommended, likewise, also on and this is where I'm Getting this Specific Strategy the Soap Ora Sequence From, likewise, here!

Then After you Tell Your Epiphany! and Pushed Down the One Big Domino in other people's eyes everything else become Irrelevant! For Me, the One Big Domino is Internet Marketing and How to Write an Email that Sells!

If I can Make Someone Believe, furthermore, that Internet Marketing is the Path to Freedom, online! The Only Way To Get Great At Internet Marketing is the Challenge! That teaches you the concepts of Internet Marketing Based Around Selling Other Peoples Products or Your Own! that's kinda like My One Thing!

If I Can Get Someone to Believe, as a result, that Internet Marketing is the Key to Building an Online Business and Freedom! that Everything Else Become irrelevant When people Learn Your One Thing...

You are going to want to look at it in, the context, of what your One Big Thing is and What Was Your Epiphany! on the Third Email!

On Day Four you are Just Going to want to Talk about the Benefits... all the Benefits! :) Because sometimes all it takes sometimes, Similarly on How to Write an Email that Sells! Is for someone to hear the Benefits and what is Good about Your Online Business, even more, to push them over their Edge! :)

And On the Last Day, You are Going to want to Create a Call to Action with Urgency and Scarcity!

How You Can Do this is to Set up your Email Sequence and bring people to your Website! This is Just For Your Soap Opera Sequence! You Can Add New Steps and Build a New Page! Put in your Video And If you are Using the Soap Opera Sequence and Entry Funnel, also, I Gave You a Full Self Liquidating Funnel in place! :)

When you Start Bring People You Can See Who Opens Your Emails and How People are Going Through! And Always Make Sure... After you send someone an email, most noteworthy, Bring them to say a page in your Funnel! with Example, Maybe, How to Write an Email that Sells Teaching about your Product or Service!

Leave a Link to Your Product or Service Below Each Point of communication! and this is Basically Just For Your First Seven Emails, furthermore, so you Can Build your Soap opera Sequence! The strategy I have For You on Email Marketing! :)

Hope You Have a Great One!

If You Have any Questions Leave a Question or Comment Below

See ya, at the next one!



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