How to Write an Internet Marketing Story

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What's good my friend? How to write an Internet Marketing Story! In this one, I want to help with how do you get visitors to your website site! Yet there is the one Big Domino to Know when it comes to getting visitors to your Website! ... and that is, certainly, ...What to Say to! on your website! and Marketing your material!!!

So This is all about, certainly, How to write an Internet Marketing Story! Hope this helps you with writing, even more, with Your Structure to telling a Great Storie! Making you're first, even more, Second or third Origen Storie!

This was the same concept, Vick Strizhews, Russel Bronson! Jason Capital Have Mentioned Now! All in the Same way! Having Points Of high Drama,  also, pulls the Vein out of your story so you can Finely Tune Your Message to Market Match! Just remember, above all, that points of conflict will cause Emotion! 


This is the Core Story to Show People, likewise, what it is that you do and why you could help them! You can Always Improve it! :) The point of this story is to, First of all, Take people on the same journey, certainly, that you went on!

To Go to where you are now, similarly, tell stories as it goes for your products and services. Write stories around them. Show what you experienced, furthermore, back before you EVER knew about what you do now! Tell that story, certainly, in the sense where didn't know anything about what you do Now!!

It's kinda like, above all, what are you going to write on your website? You know, certainly, what words are you going to put on Your Website, also, what hooks are you going to use? Unless you have got that stuff, consequently, you will need to know what Story Structure to write and Follow! Anywhere you need them!

Post-it with a picture on Facebook or medium I'd never heard of that back then, even podcasts you can do! The first one I "wrote" was pretty short, even more, I didn't know! What I'm about to share with you here either!

I was scared to go on camera a Bit too... but I did it and How to write an Internet Marketing Story was what I found out about, likewise, writing my first one! you can read it here;

This is the first one I wrote! I heard this From my mentor Vick Strizhews and the First Time I wrote one...

My Very First Origin Story;

Here's my Current one now 20min read!


If you would like to know, more so, How to write an Internet Marketing Story. Direct Source's that have shown me this Marketing Strategy Just Go to The Members Area on! and Look at Story Secrets! When you think about it, certainly, every good marketer has a bag full of stories! :)

This is definitely the right way to tell them! How to write an Internet Marketing Story, above all, to date that I found! From Copywriting Superstar! Jackson Capital, Funnel King! Russel Bronson, and My Main mentor's Internet Marketing Wizzard! Vick Strizhews!

They All mention this Concept of An Origin Story! Currently, As of Right Now, there is a Structure to tell... This is a way that helps you do what you got to do. Tell Your Marketing Stories, Even more, Sell indirectly in a way that you are Helping the World Become a better place! :)! Start Building your Bag Full of stories too! Have a Look at "Super Secret Traffic Secrets > Story Secrets! To Find out!

This Picture explains How to write an Internet Marketing Story!

Follow this Structure Below on How to write an Internet Marketing Story! and Tick it off as you go! :)

  1. Backstory

  2. Desires

  3. Internal

  4. External

  5. The Wall

  6. The Plan

  7. Points of Conflict

  8. The Achievement

  9. The Transformation


This is what every Good Marketer Does, even more, Writes and Tells good Stories. My Friend and This is the Best way, above all, that I have found How to write an Internet Marketing Story! This Concept can be wrapped around Selling nearly anything, above all, that passes your mom's test!

...Only taking, most noteworthy, the hooks and stories that work! So you can, therefore, Finely tune your Message to Market Match! Here's, certainly, How to write an Internet Marketing Story like the pros! Build a Business Around the Principles of Internet Marketing. First of all, By Telling an Origen Storie in this way!




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