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Want to know more about Influencer Traffic Media? Specifically, the most secret untapped gold mines that almost none ever really talks about this stuff!


Hey, what’s up my friend?  It’s Cameron Malcolmson here again with you for this one on “Influencer Traffic Media” and this is a wee secret strategy, that is maybe a little bit of work at the start to find these people and get good at finding these people, but this is like a wee secret strategy that not a lot of people are thinking about, you know.

They might be just going for the low hanging fruit and stuff like that there, but this here is going to be long term residual traffic, so it’s kinda like, you’re going to put this here ad up and it’s not going to come down until the channel comes down.  This specific “Influencer Traffic Media” source is YouTube influencers, and we are going to do a little demonstration here and see if we can find any.

So, one’s that I usually find is in, let’s see, on these recommended ones.  Now, we’ll just see if I can find one here, and show you.  So, we’ll go with this here channel.  There are 143K subscribers, which is in and around a good kinda ballpark to start off with.

You don’t really want to go any lower than 100K subscribers, and you want to go to the “About”.  You can see here that there is an email, so social media.  So, the idea here is to build a list of these people.  So, you’ll copy that channel name, copy the email address and just keep going.

We’ll look for another one here.  Let’s see.  We’ll type in – whatever your niche is – say if it’s fitness, try fitness.  So, click on this channel, go straight to “About”.  No.  Try this here.  Straight to the “About” page.  View email.  You get the idea.  You want to just keep an eye out, like, when you are on YouTube. 

Sometimes you might be on YouTube looking for things, kinda just keep an eye out.  Maybe if you’re already looking.  See now, this one would work, because it’s like a Gmail one.  This is more a personal one.  Now that would be a good one there to contact and she’s got 1.4 million subscribers, so it would be worth reaching out and seeing if you could possibly get them to promote your offer.

Whatever niche you are in, this is what you want to do through YouTube Influencers and it might go over your head but it’s a really good strategy because when you deploy this, it’s going to stay up there for the life of the channel.  So, it could potentially be up there forever and that’s the power of this YouTube influencer strategy.

I also talked about other Influencer Traffic Media which were Instagram and other platforms where you can go and there are already groups of influencers there.  There is nothing really like that for YouTube influencers.  You just need to go out there and contact them, and this is a great strategy.

I have actually deployed this here now for myself and I’ve got results and I am about to deploy another two campaigns.  So, this is a great strategy to deploy for your own online business.

I hope you got the idea there, where you are just going to find these influencers, then check out their “About” page.  You are probably best reaching out to ones who have the generic email addresses, so you are contacting them personally and they get back to you and you work out a good deal.

I hope you enjoyed this wee video.  I’ll catch you again in the next one.


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