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Find out the future of the Internet Economy The Future of business on the internet! You see all this is changing so fast people can do this from home crazy!


Boom, what's happening my friend it's Cameron Malcolmson... in this, we're gonna be covering the future of internet marketing! It's basically creating your own online economy...

Let's jump into the first thing we're gonna cover is... you know... What is an economy? It is the state of a country or region in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services with the supply of money!

You can see here that this could be an economy! Within this economy you've got loads of things going, you can see a shipyard, loads of shops! People will be buying electricity they'll be buying food, getting fuel and buying cars!

All that stuff is going on there are different types of people in here too!

There's going to be there's going to be producers! "Production"!

You can make and produce something of value online for your internet business! Here's an example of a factory and in this factory they're pumping out cars!

This is a key part of an economy... there's gonna be something of value being created! This can be made in a factory, made in your home, made with another business if you're doing affiliate marketing!

There's going to be a producer of goods, that's creating value!

Then there's going to be people buying things "Consumer"!

People can buy and consume the products and services that are produced! In between these two things it is going to be transactions happening. People trading and exchanging money in exchange of the value produced!

Before someone can fully consume the product or goods that are produced.... There's going to be a transaction that happens within the economy! This happens with lots of different people and lots of different goods!

Can imagine this island here being a virtual economy?

There are loads of different things going on here with people buying stuff exchanging things... and people producing value! There's a lot of stuff going on in this economy and this is the future of internet marketing!

You want to be building and creating an economy! This is what you can do with internet marketing and building an internet business! You can create an economy like this here, there's one big thing as well...

What happens there are going to be laws and rules! When transactions happen before someone can consume the product or goods produced. There's a governing body that overlooks the whole economy!

They dictate the rules and who can produce things who can't produce things... and what people are exchanging in terms of money... whether or not it is money or trading physical things!

There are rules that govern the economy, the idea here is... building an island to build your own economy "island"! Have your own virtual island where people can come and purchase goods, buy and consume goods!

Exchanging money online is the whole point of this my friend!

Okay, the future of internet business is building your own Island!

Where you get to set your own rules and all you have to do is create the island! Do this and you'll be creating value and where people can come to your Island! You've created it and it's like your own economy!

You can create your own economy online, which you can run from anywhere in the world! This is the purpose of this to really bring to the surface the whole point of building an internet business!

The future of internet marketing is Building an "island" like this here! If you can imagine this is us looking at it on the micro and then when we zoom in! There are things like this here happening like a factory that's producing cars!

You can run the economy quote-unquote your own "island" and have factories on your Island! Producing goods where people are coming and consuming these goods and exchanging money!

This is how you create your own economy with an internet business! Build your own Island which can be a hub or it can be a website that has marketing and value delivery! You can have different services and products on that island!

Where people are exchanging money and making transactions! When you build up and keep building up your own online economy it can get really, really fun!

This was the purpose of this my friend! To give you the idea of how you actually go about building an internet business for the future! It's really about building an economy quote-unquote your own "hub island"!

Where all these different things are going on in the micro where you've got shops, you've got factories, you've got a quote like ice cream stands and small businesses! You've got all these different things going on on your Island!

I hope you enjoyed it, hope you got these ideas! :)

If you want to learn how to build your own internet economy... I've left you a link below that you can head to as well!

I'll see you at the next one, have a good one bye!


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