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Boom what is happening my friend, it's Cameron Malcolmson here and in this video, we're gonna be covering is affiliate marketing worth it? You can see here that it says that affiliate marketing is "the connector model" I'm gonna show you here three different businesses who utilize this strategy!

Huge businesses which you're probably gonna already know! You can see here that there are three companies... There is Amazon then you got Uber and then Airbnb, these are three connector model businesses. Using affiliate marketing in the same sort of idea!

The Big Three

When you look at Amazon you've got people looking for products. Then you've got Amazon who's the connector! Then you've got products... So you can see that Amazon really doesn't sell most of their own products! Which is really really crazy!!! The way that it's designed is kind of like the connector model!

It's the same as affiliate marketing, see you've got people looking for taxis and then you've got Uber... Now Uber doesn't have any cars, yet it's one of the biggest taxi companies in the world! You've got people looking for taxis then you're Uber the connector, then the taxi drivers and their cars!

The third company which also falls under the connector model is people looking for places to stay! Then you've got Airbnb, and Airbnb is like the facilitator and the connector model... for people looking for rooms! This is crazy because these are massive massive companies! Using the exact same strategies!

Now imagine we've got people here in your niche... and you can be the connector! Who connects them with other companies this is all the same model! Now this falls under is affiliate marketing worth it? These three huge companies all use the connector model! Which is the exact same model as affiliate marketing!

Be The Rainmaker


Now, this also falls under is it worth it? If you're gonna start any business online whatsoever every single business needs Marketing and sales! You should never source this for your own business... this is the lifeblood of any business! It's something well worth mastering!

Something that falls under affiliate marketing is marketing and sales! That's all you do the marketing and you do the sales... This is all affiliate marketing whether or not you wanna build your own products or you build your own software, build your own education centre or something like that...

Every single business is going to need marketing and sales! When you go to is it worth it... learning and mastering affiliate marketing? Every single business needs these two components which are marketing and sales! So we should never outsource this you want to become great at marketing and sales for any online business type!

Now, a big big thing you should consider with affiliate Marketing... is you're building your own world! You control this world, do what you want in the world! You're not really building someone else's world yes you recommend other people's products... but you're building yourself!

This is the strategy that you want to do, look at Amazon,  Airbnb and Uber they all built themselves! They're established at what they do people go there to get connected with their product their service their room! Whatever it is they're looking for...

Build Your Thing


Now let's see you're building your name. You're connecting with the people based on your message and you can recommend whatever you believe in! Then later on you can recommend your own products, build software and create your own online school? If that's what you want...

The main thing is you're building your name, your credibility connecting with people online! Then later on when you get really really good at marketing and sales... it doesn't matter you can build your own product later! You will know that it's gonna be a success!

Is affiliate marketing Marketing worth it? This is the topic of the video... you can recommend what you believe in! Then later on you can build your own software recommend that to your audience as well! Let's see affiliate marketing gives you the skills that get behind any product you believe in!

Be In Control


Whether or not you want to do online marketing or you want to do something else... You're gonna learn the key skills of affiliate marketing the skills it takes to promote other people's products online! You can take that to any product that you believe in and you're going to be helping a group of people get what they really want!

You can actually help people groups of people get what they want! This is really cool as well. Here are "four" people here who've all used affiliate marketing in their careers to build their own business! Now they have their own businesses, so you've maybe seen some of these people before maybe you haven't seen them before...

Regular People Who Became Millionaires Being The Connector


I just want to explain each of these individual people and where they used the strategy of affiliate Marketing! To build themselves and their own businesses... Russell Brunson at the start started selling info products and he did affiliate Marketing.... he used affiliate marketing to build his name his brand make money!

While he was getting good at Marketing and sales, he was promoting other people's products! He's transitioned to his own software as a business, I think the software has gone over a hundred million dollars in sales last year! It's just really grown and grown and all started with Building himself and being the connector!

There's Vick Strizhews as well who is one of my mentors! He started off as in Affiliate Marketing now he's got one company and he teaches people how to do it! Then you've got Shaquir Hussin he started off affiliate marketing as well and now he's built up his own educational company called funnel gurus...

There are other ones as well and he started off doing the connector model... promoting other people's products! He made like 20 million dollars within three years and just from the skills of Marketing and sales! Then you've got Jason Capital! Now Jason capital is a little bit different in the way he went about using affiliate Marketing...

He used affiliate marketing to build himself and build his own business! The strategy that Jason used I'm going to be sharing with you a little bit later... it's more of an advanced strategy! Where you take your proven thing to a network and then utilize affiliate marketing! To build and grow your business!

Is It Worth Being The Connector?

 This is what I want to share here my friend hope you enjoyed this and have a great day whatever you are up to!

Also, if you will learn more about this whole thing we call Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing... You should go to the link below and you'll be able to find out more there! Have a great day and I'll catch you later peace!

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