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Learn the four key business functions today, Some new ideas for you and a sold income stream doing what you love knowing these functional areas of a business.

Welcome to this post on the four key business systems for a limitless business. If your new we are all about helping students and working people achieve freedom with a limitless freedom business too.! Almost like your dream business online.

Apply the ideas to what your currently doing or if your new just use these business systems. All of the ideas we can talk about more inside the limitless business machine. For example the finical side will have your business structure etc.


The ideas in this post are pretty new, some of the you may have heard before. All in all I hope you can see a new opportunity that you didn't see before. With that comes it's own challenges, better challenges to look after you!

The Four key Limitless functions

What are the four key business functions? They are important activities carried out by your business. Core functions of a business making income.


It's the activity a business carries out to promote the buying or selling of a product or service.

Here at team limitless we have a method we use to do external marketing, the method that I'm showing you here. Then internal marketing can go along the sales system methodology next.

This is how we do external marketing in a systematic approach.


This is a system that we use to do marketing. It might look foreign to you or you might not understand this. If you have something online or you want to start something.

This is a method and system that can bring you predictable people to your business. Really we call this the traffic blueprint. I could walk you though each individual part, though you can see it all on the screen.

Use this blueprint as a system to go out and get in front of people for your business.

Level's of traffic - Testing, scaling & domination

Use these to find your winning offer with level 1 traffic. Once you find yours scale it with level 2 and then level 3 for complete domination mode.

Number 1 business function to generating income is external marketing. You have to have new people coming to your business or you won't have as much income, it's how you start.


The activity a business carried out related to selling or the number of goods sold in a given target time period.

This is the methodology we use in a limitless lifestyle business to take cold leads and help them solve there problem.


What you see is the limitless lifestyle blueprint and it's the foundation for building wealth and financial freedom in today's era.

You see here in the blueprint above you can see we don't ask people for the sale right away. You'll get more people to say yes if you give them something of value first.

That's why we have a landing page that you will drive all your marketing efforts to.  The first point of conversion and then you'll build a list.

As we take people along with emails to something called the honey pot.  Basically we're going to use websites emails and videos to sell online.

There are specific skill sets in sales when it comes to internet marketing. I teach more in depth about this inside the limitless business machine.

When we are talking about the sales system this is it. How you can predictably generate leads and sales. If you already have this going on you could take a few more ideas.

Like creating segments of your list, and talk to people targeted depending on what they opt-in for. If someone opt-in for something about funnels we would talk to them about funnels. Or if it was to make money, we would talk to them about that.

Do you see how this is a key business function. One that will be income producing for your business by having data aggregation and the funnel stack happening. There are other ways, this is a method to producing sales online.


When I started online doing affiliate marketing I'd hand off this business function to the vendor. Though now it's super important when we are showing you here how to build an affiliate business.

The key part is business because a business generates customers. When you deliver this function of your business, it's important to shock a Awe people. Enough so that they come back for more value over and over again.

Ultimately to create repeat buyers and loyal raving customers. This is the manner in which you design your product in such a way that gives maximum value to the customer using it.

This is our system that we use it's called the honey pot system. And it's how you can deliver value in a limitless lifestyle business. Here's some note's I took on it for our last inner circle.


You can see that inside the oval is the honey pot system, with 7 different types of income.

Where it says ads this is our marketing system. When people come and opt-in this is where you can make fast income. Coming from your initial front end offer.

Residual income comes from inside your honey pot along with long-term income. Enjoyable income is everything you can see because it's in a industry that you want to do it in.

Scalable income comes because our marketing, sales and honey pot is a system. You can go to many different ad networks and bring people to your sales system and it's super scalable.

Most of the things inside your honey pot are residual income, long-term, funnel stacking etc. Focusing on one thing but then you have multiple products. It's your brand and the place people come to for value.


This is the strategic planning , organizing, directing and controlling of financial undertakings by a business.

We have a system for a limitless lifestyle business that I'm going to show you below.


You can see at the top of the image the system that people run who don't have a business. For example 1 income from there job, it goes into one bank account.

Money just goes out of that same bank account. Spending on birthday presents, investing in your business and saving in the same account. It's going to end up going wrong somewhere without key business functions.

It's better to  have a proper financial plan in place.  Here's the honey pot we have different income streams. They all go into a receiving account and then you separate it into different accounts similar to above.

Let's say we have $1,000 in our receiving account we autchally only have $300 we can spend. Also have things covered like operations for the business, taxes and investing accounts.

You can learn more about this inside limitless money hub.

And as well you can take any of these key business functions and methods. That we use in a limitless lifestyle business for yourself and implement them into your own business if you have one.

Or if you seen anything that you might not have seen before. You can take them and hopefully it makes a difference in your business for you. If your new and want to learn more about this I teach this inside the limitless business.

Big Recap

1 Marketing

2 Sales

3 Value Delivery (Honey pot)

4 Financials

The key business functions for creating income in an online business.

If you have any questions just leave a comment I'll happily get back you there.

Your marketing buddy,

Cameron Malcolmson