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Hey, my friend today is all about landing page design! :) And the Lead Funnels Swipe file.

See making a landing page is simple and Free in some cases...

Yet the leverage you can create with a high converting landing page is unbelievable.

For example, when you send paid traffic to a landing page that converts at 15%...

Compared to a landing page that converts at 30% ++ is over double the results...!

Meaning that with the right landing page design you can have more people opting in...

For the same amount of work, you would be doing anyway with paid advertising!


Here is the link for the PDF Swipe file where I found the Landing pages in the video

Really what this can help you do is find and pull those little hinges that will swing bigger doors for you!

If you implement these four tips I shared in the video you can see better results for your landing pages!

The Biggest one that I recently implemented was "the 3-second rule"! Right away after doing this check...

I saw a higher conversion rate on a new landing page, resulting in a bigger list for the same money! Yay!

Hope you like this post, let me know in the comments if you have any questions! :)


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