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Boom, what is happening my friend Cameron here just wanted to share with you "How to make master blog content for your niche! Without ever having to strain your brain trying to come up with content to write about!

The reason why this piece of content... was a question that came up on

How can you come up with content to write about? and this is what we're going to cover...

Step one of Master Blog Content, I like to implement is to go deep with some research!

You want to go deep on this subject on Google and find the top answers to these questions that people might have! I got these things that we're going to cover here in this first part is from a book called copywriting secrets!

Want to learn more about that book you can go here and get a free book just cover shipping, I'll make a little commission if you decide to take me up on the free book!

Part 1: Do research about your niche/industry!

Step 1: Do research on the top 10 questions that people have about your niche/industry!

Go through a lot of research and write down questions that come up! Tick beside them and you'll gradually start to see... This one's the one that has the most ticks! Do this for each of the parts of the research we're gonna cover!

EXAMPLE 1: 10 questions that people had about affiliate marketing!

1: Do I need to spend money?

2: How do I get started?

3: How much can I make?

4: What's an affiliate program?

5: What's the future of affiliate marketing?

6: Can I do it without an email list?

7: Does affiliate marketing work in multiple countries?

8: What's the difference between dropshipping and affiliate Marketing?

9: How soon can you see an ROI?

Identify these top ten questions for Master Blog Content there are 10 pieces of content that you can go ahead and make and write about and create content around, sound good?

Step 2: Research 10 big results that people want in your Niche/industry!

You'll do the same type of idea of the tick method, you can see which ones come out top! Which ones are the bigger results that people want within your Niche / Industry!

I went ahead and did this research for myself...

EXAMPLE 2: The 10 big results people wanted with affiliate marketing!

1: Time and location freedom!

2: They wanted to make their own schedule!

3: Number three was unlimited earning potential!

4: It offers incredible scalability!

5: Low overhead cost and high margins!

6: Access to a worldwide market!

7: Have no boss telling you what to do!

8: Creative freedom to explore and make whatever they wanted!

9: Learn new skills and do new things!

10. A sense of pride in themselves when they put in the work!

Step 3: In research for Master Blog Content that you'd want to go ahead and dive...

10 roadblocks that people have doing your niche!

Just do your research on Google!

EXAMPLE 3: 10 big roadblocks to affiliate marketing!

1: People don't believe it's real until their first sale!

2: They were not fully committed and tried to do the bare minimum!

3: People being in the wrong niche!

4: Mindset shift from a traditional job into affiliate Marketing!

5: Lack of persistence and momentum!

6: Knowing how to make better sales pieces, with bridge funnels!

7: Creating great quality video content or not going for an outstanding value!

8: Getting traffic! How do I get traffic to my site?

9: Distraction and procrastination!

10: Going for sale rather than helping!

Step 4: The top problems people have top ten problems for your niche/industry!

Do the same idea with this strategy and the tick method!... You'll see the ones coming to the top again!

EXAMPLE 4: The top problems in affiliate marketing!

1: Choosing the niche to get started with!

2: Getting traffic to the website!

3: Writing content and generating Ideas!

4: How to write sales copy for Internet Marketing!

5: Technical problems with tools and link building!

6: Being able to make sales consistently!

7: Overwhelm and all this information!

8: Shiny object syndrome!

9: Motivation and time management!

10: Being ripped off online and getting stung!

Address these problems and then create content around them! After my friend, you will have some great research to think about when it comes to creating content for your niche!

Take time and really build this for yourself, when you have your ten big questions, ten big results, ten roadblocks and ten problems within your niche/industry... You should be able to make 40 pieces of content!

We're not stopping here okay so that's just part one! In part two there are other ways to gather information! I'm gonna give you some resources and strategies to help you... Create content for your blog and a content marketing plan!

Part 2: Go to!

Type in your niche your industry whether it's affiliate marketing, fitness, cooking... answer the public will generate questions that people have about your niche/ industry! Help by addressing these questions that people have!

You can answer the public!

Part 3: Write an email out to your existing email list!

If you already have one, it's an effective way to know what to write to help people! Ask them what do they want to know more about? what are they struggling with right now? and you'll get a response, here is an example!

An email I sent out says.

and some of the responses I got back were people!

1: Wanted to learn about internet marketing!

2: Behind on their website!

3: NO more scams, please!

4: What is your offer?

That was just some of the questions I got back, so that if you've already got an existing email list! If you don't you can skip that Part 3...

Part 4: Get ideas from great quality content! Watch other people's quality content!

Create your own content similar to your mentors use your own perception of similar content!

Take a look at what your mentors are doing and any ideas that you get... from watching your mentor's content! you can take some of the ideas and learn about them, do them and implement them, and then go ahead and teach!

Write content about what you did through your own experience okay so here's a post I made from Internet traffic mastery and you can take ideas from courses! Practical things that you've done yourself.

Part 5: Write Down 20 Content Ideas A Day!

Once you get through all these other parts you'll easily be able to do this last step! This is a great way to start generating content ideas! In the mornings and the evenings or whenever you have half an hour!

Even 10-15 minutes write down ideas that come off the top of your head!

Try and do 20 a day but once u start after it might get harder to write 20 ideas! That's okay just write down as many as you can and that there!

You'll be generating more ideas for content with the research it will be easier!

You'll have a better idea about the results that people are looking for... questions people have... roadblocks people have and problems people have about your niche/ industry!

Generate ideas relatively easily, and you'll have an unlimited amount of ideas for content, my friend!

There were the five steps for creating content and I hope that helped you with coming up with your own content.

The five steps.

1: Do the research for your niche for your industry!

2: Answer the public!

3: Send out an email!

4: Ideas from your mentors!

5: Writing down 20 new content ideas a day!

Anytime you want to come up with ideas you can go to your research, answer to public .com, write an email, watch an inspirational video or ultimately write 20 ideas down a day!

If you're doing the other four steps it would be relatively easy to write down these 20 Ideas!

If you know someone who could use these ideas for themselves you can share this video with them. This is the ultimate master blog content creation strategy that I had for you today my friend! Hope you enjoyed it!

Hope you got loads of ideas about how to make content & come up with content! This is everything for today I hope you have a great one and I'll see you in the next one, Peace!


Your Buddy


P.S. This is pretty much all the research done for you if you are in Affiliate Marketing...

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