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Most potent Free Traffic, will be a great Idea for a free strategy that you can deploy today. The main topic I wanted to cover first was this is for anyone that wants to get started right away! This is a Strategy for social media that will be appropriate, as it is all about building your profile out. With content for the foundation of your online business to, leverage it for Social Proof.

At the same time this strategy of creating content for your subscribers, to be able to see what kind of person you are, and with the people, you are chatting to on social messager. I would suggest doing the friend request strategy, only if you have to but I can’t stop you… Just don’t be Spamming!!  You know who likes it no one! Lead with value and find out what they want. Possibly they might ask about your products or services.

The Great Idea of the Live video, is that it is the best place to communicate with your people. Live Video will build your strength of character and help you to get more confident. You should try this strategy but if you are to deploy, this free strategy doesn’t rely upon only on one. You should use at least another one Social media platform. Videos and your content that you can leverage later! 

Most potent Free Traffic Social Media Strategies SEO. Communication, really that’s is the main part you can gather feedback an tune your market offer. I Want to do another video for the SEO and how my mentor has shown me, how to get SEO traffic on Google and YT. If you are an online Entrepreneur or aspiring one you should be building out your personal channel.

If you start to deploy these two strategies, you can start to see results.


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