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For the longest time, I thought’ the only way to earn money is to work hard for someone else and trade my hours for fun coupons.

A boy was I proven wrong when I opened my mind to this possibility…


I finally made it to the career I chose and studied for, to only be used and not taken care of I went Fully committed, moved closer and did not get the

progress I expected within a year, then was left to be a cook!

I was working two jobs with no time to see my family.

See this goes back to late 2012, the year when “I left school and couldn’t

see my purpose I worked two jobs, studied and spent most of the time working and studying.

I couldn’t get my head above the water, I wasn’t making the progress I desired. (Something was holding me back).

Deep down I knew something had to change but, I didn’t know any better.

There were even times where I would smash course works, getting top-level marks. One occasion in University in a class of 120 people.

Who studied Building Surveying, Quantity Surveying and Construction Engineering Management.

I handed in a report, forgot about some supplementary drawings done by hand. When going to hand in the sketches in my lecture said hold on I know your face.

He said do you not think you got top of the class enough! I wasn’t surprised. I thought to myself and said, hey I can do all those things if I set my mind to something.

I said  I wanted to really do this to the best of my abilities, and I knew I wanted to go above it all and out of the race, we call working for

someone else.

I put the work as a chef in I didn’t really go out a lot my schedule was full,

and I enjoyed it, I saw this as building for my future and really put my

mind to becoming better every year.


Now if you’re thinking ‘oh great’ Cameron found his Purpose. WRONG!

It was further from it… Don’t get me wrong, I did take the opportunity,

but it was way different than what I expected at that time

(Back didn’t see far) The opportunity was to have a reason to quit my

existing job, NOT become a building surveyor.


You see’ after noticing what I could achieve and saying goodbye to my

5 years studying construction.

Getting so close within my goal and realizing that I didn’t enjoy the computer work I did. I sucked, to say the least.

It wasn’t what I was good at, along with not getting respect, when I was right etc…


I was miserable with what I was doing in this JOB there was my confidence

knocked back! I started to talk with the guy I worked with realizing how

demanding the job is, and that it would be the furthest

thing from helping people, so I gave it up (and not sorry I did).


So There I was With 2 Choices In front of me:


1)Go Back to Education and ask for my job back

2) Do something different, but what?

Then this happened…

Watching snapchat one day around Christmas time! I used to love

this holiday, it meant Family, Good Food, Fun and most of all;

a day off work.

I realized I got my wish, I now had all the time in the world, since

I had no job or money to buy anyone anything. Let me tell you,

I felt even more down since I didn’t know what to do with my

time and how my future looked…

So I was looking on my snapchat and found this Guy who was

crushing it on Amazon I mean taking home plenty of money every month,

from multiple countries and software sales from his own products.


At the same time, the Crypto Currency Bitcoin hit an all-time high!

And me and my friends bought into it when it was the wrong time!

Yea it should go up, but this wasn’t what I needed at that time,

after putting money into crypto with not really anything behind me…

it was not a wise move…

I didn’t know better, and yes, I was that guy; I used all my savings

buying Crypto, then Amazon “programs” after “Shopify Store”

that at that time looked like the right place I fitted in, but they all

got me nowhere. Well not exactly nowhere, I learned a wide range

of knowledge about what not to do! 

After days of buying a bunch of stuff online and arbitraging it on

Amazon, looking at stocks, and trying to sell t-shirts that were a

lot of work with small margins for error, it didn’t make sense, I was

doing something wrong. Then FINALLY it hit me…

Instead of running all these “Online Businesses” at once

without really Mastering any. I discovered the real cause of success

in all these areas, look for someone who was having true success

online and ask them how they did it. (Find a Mentor who has a

proven system and path to results)


So, I went on back to where it all started. I came across an email

in an old university email account and there was this one guy who

was doing well in the crypto space getting all this cool stuff, and

talking about what he was currently involved with, I thought if he

can do it, why can’t I?

One day I noticed he had a personal website and I subscribed to

the website and found out what he was doing. What worked for

him what was the process of real results…


Once I got to know that it was internet marketing that’s what I

needed to learn, so I did the crazy thing I went out and got

everything I needed to be able to do what my mentor recommended

and follow all his instructions (even when it took me out of my comfort zone).

So, this man (My 1st Real Mentor) showed me a path and I went to work,

after learning the process and modelling what he did (no results yet)

I felt good knowing, that I was learning a process that would finally

be my breakthrough.

Not the results didn’t come the next day, but he said to follow the

steps I lay out in front of you and stay consistent, the results will

come in due time. I figured’ what else do I have to lose, I already

lost all my savings and tried everything I could.

Then it happened,

My 1st Commission  after about 90 days of believing in myself and taking

daily action, the money started to come in, more and more each month.

I’m not here to tell you it was easy, but boy is it worth the efforts. On top

of my results, it was satisfying knowing I’m now helping to guide others

to find their breakthroughs as well.

More and more people started to reach out and asked that I share my process with them, and I was hooked.

Here’s where I realized how God’s ways are beyond our understanding at

first, but He creates miracles in our lives, when we least expect it if we

believe in ourselves.

You see, what my Mentor introduced me to was a

New Program, it was Phenomenal and it was created by his mentor…

So here’s where it all comes together  …

God sent something my way that made me quit my old job, fail at what

wasn’t my calling, then go through lots of loss through my online journey,

so I would find my 1st Mentor, who showed me a path to make your first

$10,000 online, who then introduced his mentor to me, who created a

the life-changing learning center, and mentored me…

we’re not talking about a few $thousand per month anymore, this is

a program that builds anyone willing to learn, into a powerful entrepreneur that can make $10k per month – Then $100k per month and – $1Million.

I’m just getting started!

So how about you?

Well, this is why I’m writing this. It’s to inspire you to realize, that

even when you have all the disadvantages and all the worst passed

experiences in the world… but all that from the past does NOT

determine your Future.

You determine Your Future.

So here’s what I want to do for you, I want to do what my

Mentors have done for me. They showed me a path to success,

they showed me the tools I needed, what I had to learn,

how to change the way I think and the actions I needed to take…

Doing so has resulted in my life changing for my purpose, where

I can make my own schedule, travel more, work from anywhere in

the world and this knowledge has allowed me to make it online!

So there’s a Challenge you have in front of you, I have an amazing

Training in place that teaches you how to become a true Entrepreneur

who gets paid from Multiple Streams of Income and I want to

guide and mentor you, as long as you are willing to take daily action,

learn the process and never give up on your goals…

Then I will do everything I can on my part to help you create

the GOOD LIFE where you no longer work for your money, but instead,

it works for you and multiplies daily.

Yep’ there’s a formula to follow and a world-class place to plug into and anyone can do this. See I realized, there is a lot of courses and programs (Very few, but some are even good) but there are very few real mentors, who are willing to do what mine did for me, so I’ve located the best system there is, that’s scalable and has created tons of success stories already and I want to be that Mentor for a few people who are willing to invest in themselves and follow instructions.

I’m taking in a few more, serious people who are ready to create their

new life with what I’m going to give you.

So if your one of those people, then go here: 

The Online Marketing Challenge

setup yourself an account… (so you have the best system to earn with)

It’s only $1 to start (Anyone can afford this if they really want in)

then PM me and let’s get to work!



Your Marketing Buddy

Cameron Malcolmson