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Find out one of the most stealth traffic getting strategies on the web. Implement this strategy for a long-term residual paid traffic source to your website!


Hey my friend it's Cameron Malcolmson here! I just want to show you a cool strategy on how to get Long-term residual paid traffic! That's gonna be coming to your website for years to come! I know you might have a question about Cameron... How do I get Traffic?

Let's jump in and I'll show you here... alright my friend so the place we're talking about today is (YouTube sponsored videos)! Okay, the strategy is a little bit harder than you might think! The reason why it's so effective is that it's hard, not many people do it!

That means you've got a massive strategic Marketing advantage! You don't need to be going out looking for influences all the time! The key part of the strategy since you're gonna be you probably already come here! It's the second biggest search engine in the world!

You want to have a marketer's eye and marketer's ear when going about your day on YouTube! This is what happened to me I came across an influencer we developed that relationship with! I'll be going here for a long time to keep getting Paid Traffic!

The reason why this strategy is so effective is that you don't need to have a big audience built up on YouTube! Find someone who's already building an audience and already got fresh people coming and watching your video all the time! You can put your ad in front of the people for a little bit of money!

Let's get into it when you're on YouTube scrolling about and for example, come across it's a fitness video... I come across a fitness video and I went to the description, I saw this girl she had a link in her description... I went to her channel I went to her about me page!

See here about and you can see here for business inquiries via email address! Click there you'll get their email address and you want to make sure usually... I found that the best ones are more generic emails like Gmail Yahoo emails!

It means that when you email these people it's going directly to them usually! You can make a better connection work out better deals, like I'd said have a look at their subscriber count!

We're not going to be going for big massive huge influences yet, with millions of subscribers! It might be a little bit expensive at the start! An area that I found worked really well was around 100k subscribers and above, connect with these people you can see good results!

This is the strategy my friend, this is what I did as well whenever I came across this influencer! I just recently deployed an influencer with 1.7 million subscribers! You can see that this video is getting thousands of views it's only been a day!

I'm already getting signups to my email list there are visitors continually coming in! You can see that yesterday when It had about 15,000 views now it's doubled! It's just gonna keep growing the views! This was the strategy my friend and it's really simple...

Though it's a little bit more difficult the reason why it's more difficult means it's better for you! When you get good at it then you've got this extreme marketing advantage! With this Paid Traffic Source!

Say if it's a fitness channel or that there you want to think of it the aspirations of the channel! For example, if it's motorbikes all these people are interested in motorbikes!

Say your offer is a make money online offer so you want to make that connection with motorcycles and make money online! An example would be how to get more money to put into your motorcycle, with a side hustle with internet marketing!

To make this type of connection, your ad needs to appeal to the aspirations of the channel!

These are my top three tips, my friend!

1 Over hundred thousand subscribers, usually what I've found to work best for YT!

2 Have a generic email address, so you connect them personally!

3 Your ad should be to the aspirations of that channel!

For example: if it's a motorcycle channel you want to make that connection with your ad and the offer! This is how you do it, my friend! I hope you enjoyed this video :)

I found the strategy in a training that I'll leave below, it's a master course on traffic generation! Have you ever had that question of how I get traffic?

If you're interested and learning how do you go and get traffic, test your offer scale your offer! That's where I want to go! Then how to dominate with coolness... my friend and if you're interested in learning that I've left that traffic course below!

Remember the key to this strategy is...

Have a marketer eye and marketer's ear while doing you! :)


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