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Hey, what’s going on my friend? Today we’re talking about Brand Positioning Strategy!

This has to be right up there with some of the coolest parts of your internet business!

Having the right strategy for this will give you more influence and higher income

Let’s get into it! So you maybe already know about Brand awareness marketing?

Well as small business owners… we shouldn’t really advertise like the big brands…

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That’s why a big part of positioning is Niching it! Do this to talk loudly to the right person…

Instead of just Throwing messages out there in the marketplace hoping they will stick! 

After really understanding what your niche is going to be… you’ll [STAND OUT] – Niche it!

You niche it down with 3 Layers of interest

For example…

  • People who listen to personal development, Use internet marketing tools & Interested in Affiliate Marketing!

Do you see, if I was going to target this market. How it would be like a laser instead of just affiliate marketers…?

Talk directly to their desires and know your market better that they know themselves…

Now Map out your marketing strategy.

That you can afford to execute and build you brand.

Pro tip: For small businesses you want to build your brand with direct response.

Rather than having a big general message and putting a banner up somewhere. (unless you have deep pockets and are patient to see results) lol

Here’s where it gets really fun…

You should create your own unique marketing system.

This is how your different from everybody else promoting similar products. It’s the secret Sauce

Pro tip: People buy into your BIG idea not the product your selling… For example some big Ideas I’ve thought about… (1) The “Billion Dollar Model For Affiliate marketing” where we build a brand like ubar, AirBnB and Amazon. Then Advertise and build your Brand.

Or (2) Hiring “AI Employees for Affiliate Marketing” Where you don’t have to build a brand. You can use one that’s already built. You Advertise an AI Employee that works for you so you don’t have to be on Video…

Do you see what I mean?  Has nothing to do with the product, get creative with your Big Ideas!

Ideally you want to just go straight to the top and it doesn’t happen by accident…

It happens by design. If we have a look at the top there is Celebrity, they have the most influence and usually make the most money.

How do you know if someone’s a celebrity? There on T.V. Right? So keeping this in mind. When you look at Authority, how do you know someone is an authority? They usually have a uniform or they publish on the subject.

Here’s an example:

If you want to engineer Celebrity/ Authority within your brand positioning online. You ideally want to create a blue ocean where you are on video in different places. For example retargeting, Your social media, your Hub for example.

Then you want to be publishing / own a unique marketing system your the face of!  Do you see how this would help you become more authoritative? If you combine these to over time you will raise your influence and income.

And give you the best brand positioning online to become the celebrity Authority in you Niche!

Create barriers to establish selective selling and have ascension in your brand. The more people ascend the more loyal of a tribe member they will be!

This is the Golden Nugget I want to share with you in this post. 

The Triangle of Authority.

My question for you is where do you want to be on this triangle? See the higher up you go the more influence and more money you will make…

Remember this doesn’t happen overnight it happens over time and by design!

Hope you liked this, talk soon


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