Profit Accumulator Review For Beginners "What Can You Expect?"

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In this profit accumulator review you'll find out a virtually risk free way to make £150+. You can do this if you live in the UK or some parts of Europe.

So around 2-3 months ago I had come across profit accumulator, then decided to see what it was like. It's does something called a matched betting.

I haven't used this in about to months though I'll give you an honest review.


How this relates to what we talk about here on Cameronlimiltess. It's marketers making offers to new and existing members and we can make money from these matched betting offers.

Offers like "deposit and bet £100 and we will match that bet and give you £100 Free bet"! Profit accumulator helps you take advantage of these offers.

Matched Betting Site Profit Accumulator Benefits

I made an account and started with a my profit accumulator journey. With a free account it shows you how to make £5-£10 profit doing smaller offers.

After doing the free trial and seeing that it worked. They have all these other offers you can complete, I got a text message to sign up for platinum for £1.

So that's what I done, signed up for platinum for 7 days and just made the most of the £1. What happened was a couple of hours a day I placed these bets for about a week!

It's risk free, well pretty much risk free as long as you don't accidentally hit a wrong button and place the wrong bet.

This is what profit accumulator helps with making money doing. Using the bookies offers and making profit with every offer. They have videos tutorials and a custom tool!

Industry Leading Software

I've already used this website before so I'm doing this Profit Accumulator Review. Remember I don't do any of this type of betting, though risk free I had to check it out.

Though with this matched betting site and profit accumulator they show you how to do this!

I set up a Betfair account and a few other ones and ended up making over £170+. not including all the other sites it shows you.

There Biggest Offer To Make £80

So when you place a bet and it doesn't come in you would only lose the fees that the bookies charge! After you place a qualifying bet you'll get various FREE bet's!

All you need to do is place the free bet the same way PA say's and you'll make money every time. Just the way they show you in the videos and you use there tool.

You can see my total deposits was £454.71, Total withdrawals is £626.50 and net deposit's -£171.79. There are other accounts where I place other bet's and it was dependent on what bet come in. Though I made more than this using the other lay bet sites.

How much I put into Betfair

You can see I placed £454.71 in bet's and I've taken out £626.50 making a profit of £171.79. This was with about a weeks worth of betting. I learnt how to do this in profit accumulator for free. All I had to do is stake the money it's never like your going to lose this money. Unless you clicked the wrong button, though I've never lost any money with it.

The biggest bet I could see was the bet 365 bet where you made £80 guaranteed. First you place a qualifying bet where you lose the bookie fees like £0.30 then you get the free bet and make profit. There is a whole bunch of other offer like this and you can make £20 ago.

The Biggest Bet with a Free Account

With this one you can place the £10 qualifying bet and lose less that £1, when it clears you'll get a £30 Free bet with guaranteed £20 profit! It will just end up on one account.

That's how it works and it's practically money just sitting there waiting for you to collect it! :)

What I done With This Site

Set up a Free account and done the Betfred bet and found out it worked! Next I got a text about a £1 trail for the platinum so I done it for a week and done the biggest one the £100 bet.

And thee are ton's of other types of offer in there as well though I done most of the matched betting ones that were link £20-£30 profit each time.

Is this sustainable? I don't know though with these types of bet's out there all the time people taking advantage of the opportunity!

If you want to create a free profit accumulator account and make £150+ risk free for 7 day trail Platinum Account for £1 click the button. You do have to put on money to make it though your not going to lose any, unless you click on the wrong button by accident. Just follow to videos and you'll not lose.

Give it a go and make £20 and see if it works for yourself. It worked for me, I'm not using it any more though I would recommend it.

See you in the next post,

Cameron Malcolmson

P.S. This is Guaranteed profit well worth the price £1 and it’s not like a big long training or course or anything! I found you the super cool discounted Full Platinum account for £1