Secrets of Self Made Millionaires

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Hope your keeping well my friend, this is the Secrets of Self Made Millionaires!


So, my friend, I don't want to take up too much of your time! :P

First I want to explain to you why this kind of stuff is important... "Personal Development"

You see if you learn from other people and see their rags to riches stories... You will understand that some of the things they went through and still come out achieving what they set out to do!

Secrets of Self Made Millionaires

1) DREAM BIG - (5 years -25 years) vision of the future. Dream list, run wild!

2) DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO - Then find a way to make a living doing it!

3) COMMIT TO EXCELLENCE - Being in the top 10% is where the money is You will want to be in the top 10% if you love to do!

4) DEVELOP UNIQUE TALENT AND ABILITIES EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING THERE GREAT AT - What are you good at? What's brought you the most success?

5) SEE YOURSELF AS SELF EMPLOYED - highly responsible top 3%! Take full responsibility for your success.

6) DEVELOP A CLEAR SENSE OF DIRECTION - Highly goal-oriented. Decide what you want, decide the price you have to pay. Definite major purpose. Pay the price in advance!

7) REFUSE TO CONSIDER THE POSSIBILITY OF FAILURE - Don't fear failure hold back its feedback!

8) DEDICATED TO LIFELONG LEARNING - Read 60 minutes, take every course you can audio programs in the car. The more committed your energy and self-esteem go up!

9) DEVELOP A WORKAHOLIC MENTALITY - Before you've made it you have 40+ competitors working to beat your "formula". The average millionaire in America works on average 59 hours per week. When you work, work. Not at 50%

10) GET AROUND THE RIGHT PEOPLE - Reference group, work, home and social circle!

11) BE PREPARED TO CLIMB FROM PEAK TO PEAK - 2 steps up 1 back, be ready for... setbacks are coming!

12) DEVELOP RESILIENCE AND BOUNCE BACK - Life is a continuous series of problems and then a crisis is coming. Be solution-oriented, clearly define the problem, then solve it!

13) UNSHAKABLE OPTIMIST ALL THE TIME - Learn, try and persist! Begin, endure and persist Never give up!

14) QUALITY OF SELF DISCIPLINE - This is the master key to success. "Make yourself do what you must do whether you feel like it or not" Persistence is self-discipline!


Secrets Extended

Friend, I did not come up with these ideas and I learned them from a video by Brian Tracy. There are a lot of great ideas out there on the internet and one of my mentors Vick always says one Idea acted upon can make you a millionaire!

You cannot find great ideas that can change the way you see and perceive what's possible for you. If you don't look for them! Sometimes when you hear about people's stories and what they went through... It makes you rethink what is really possible for us...

I've been adding lots of great personal development videos over on the FREE Videos Page you can watch the Full Secrets of Self Made Millionaires video there too!


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