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What is going on my friend? It's Cameron here founder of here's the smartmockups review. This is for anyone who wants to make mockups for there course, book, t shirt different devices and more.

This is a tool that helps to make cool visualizations for your products. You could design a custom size template on canva. Then upload it onto smartmockups turning 2D images into something more 3D like.

Have your images look like they are on a computer, smartphone, bundles, books and more. Do this for your information products to create a high perceived value. I've learnt this from the One Funnel Away Challenge


Smartmockups Review

Everything we talked about above here you can do in smartmockups.

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Why do I want to show you this tool? It's because it will help you to create a limitless lifestyle business online.


Here's something you could do using this tool. If you had your own course and you wanted to add the logo of your course to the likes of a desktop mock up. This would help people to see what they are getting have a picture of inside the members area on a desktop.

Doing this even you could add a business card you designed on canva and add it to a mock up so you can see what you business card would look like on a card. Here's an example of what you can do, and it's everything you get inside the Level 1 Included with the limitless lifestyle blueprint.

Where I've applied Smartmockups


Here's the limitless lifestyle hubs silver membership level. This is where you will learn how to walk talk and act like an affiliate entrepreneur.

Smartmockups it a great place where you can pick up and create yourself lot's of different e covers fast with ease.


This is the level 2 gold membership, I created using Smartmockups and an example of what you can do using this tool. With the limitless lifestyle business, you can create your own course or other information products and use Smartmockups to create something similar for yourself.

Level 2 Gold membership is where we take implementation to the next level. Inside the limitless blueprint course you will know everything that it takes to engineer a 6 figure online business for yourself in any niche.

Inside level 2 you will get first had aesthetics of how I've done each of these things in my business.


This level 3 platinum membership is for people who are already familiar with all of this. You just want to add automation, online selling and collaborations to what your doing online.

Do you see how this tool could really help raise the value of your offer? It would be different if we only wrote what it is we have to offer. Do this to ignite the imagination of the viewer, and will help to clearly see your offer.

Summary, what to do...

This is a tool that we use the create a limitless lifestyle business. You can get other people to make you these and pay them to make them for you. You could learn how to make them and do them for other people, who would pay you for your service. Even just learn how to use this type of software and create what you want too the fly...

This review was based on what experience I've had using this tool for my online limitless lifestyle business. Limitless course is launching very soon. If you want insider access during the pre-launch click this link get in on exclusive membership before the price goes up.

I hope this post got your ideas going.

Talk soon,

Cameron Malcolmson