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Proven Strategies for Becoming A Millionaire people are achieving lottery-like results. Find out how to stop clocking in and out...


What is happening my friend in this one I want to share this little story with you. It's Strategies for Becoming A Millionaire... When I used to work for time... Paid for time instead of based on a result! Whenever I was listening to this guy Jim Rohn and he said people work in McDonald's. They get paid $5/hr... and if you whistle you might get paid $5.50/hr if you have a good attitude... lol!

So he said you get paid $5/hr and it's like a ladder...and you can work your way up! Then is it possible for someone to make $1,000.000 a year?

What's the difference between someone making $5/hr and someone making $1,000,000 a year "Strategies Of Becoming A Millionaire"

They're obviously doing different things, they are thinking about things a good bit different! So what this person in McDonald's is doing... is they are going in doing their job clocking in and clocking out! That's alright too there's nothing wrong with that...

I want to share this Idea with you because life is like a ladder! Nearly everybody is going to start where you get paid based on your time! Now the reason these people get paid differently is $5/hr... $1,000,000 a year... It's only for the pure fact of the result they do, Strategies Of Becoming A Millionaire!

The person at McDonald's could be flipping burgers, anyone could do it, it's not really that difficult. If you flip burgers for 10 years you're kinda going to be flipping burgers the same way! Then a person who's making 1 million a year...

Why would they be making 1 million a year, it's because of the result that they are getting! So if you think like... what is the result I'm here to get? Am I just going in to clock in to do my job? Or am I here to get a particular result, right now...

What are your top 3 results that you are on the payroll for? If you Identify these results and stick to them and get really good at them... This is how you go up the ladder! At the same time, it's a complete mindset shift! Going in clocking into your job doing what you need to do and getting outta there...

See if you want to do this internet stuff, it's the completely wrong mentality. You have got to really love what you do, first of all because if you don't do what you love to do... you'll probably not put in the time that you need to put in! Then at the same time you want to be thinking about what do you really love to do!

Then time is not a thing, time is irrelevant... there's no such thing as time and space or something lol! isn't it! :) You got to think about that there, you got to think about the result that you are paid to get! When you start to get good at getting a result... Then you take it online or your already getting it online!

My Friend, when you put this result-producing system in place... This is really how you can make unlimited amounts of money! Once you get good at getting this result and you can replicate it... and you can create a system around it, then that system works for you!

A System that you can feed with loads of inputs, seriously there's probably no real limit to the number of inputs you can put into an internet marketing system! It's very, very hard to break... this is the idea when you create a system and stop thinking about time for money... it's going to take you some time to learn this stuff!

Though when you get good at it and you can build that thing like a champ! So then you get paid based on a result, and a result is a sale! You can make a sale, make a sale, make a sale you can make multiple sales in one go!

Rather going and clocking in $5/hr whatever it is! :-D Clocking in clocking out, in-out, take the money and go! You want to change this mindset cause when I found out about this here and started to think this way it changed my life! It's never changing back again... these ideas are the proven strategies for becoming a millionaire, not the latest lottery results!

If you start to implement these ideas I'm not saying that you going to be a millionaire! I'm saying this is what these guys are doing who are making millions! Then that's the result that they get... Then people in McDonald's do this, then this is the result that they get...

Really what we are doing on Cameronlimitless dot com is... I what to show you the difference between this mindset then this other mindset! It's something that's not better, it's just a way that not very many people think... People aren't searching for this stuff, and I want to share this with you, my friend...

When you focus... ask yourself what are you on the payroll for and you don't even know... maybe you do... :) What is the result you are there to get, that might be hard to answer right away. You can ask someone what is the result your expected to produce...

If you can identify this result and just work on that result... you will start to climb the ladder my friend!

Hope you liked this one, it was the difference between getting paid based on time then getting paid based on a result! Then when you get paid based on a result and you create a system... you can create unlimited amounts of money!

These are the proven strategies of millionaires that I've been studying for the past 3 years! Really, I'm just a regular person you know, and not really anything special... though this is something I want to do with my life! This is why I want to share this with you my friend for being a part of team limitless and being here today!


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