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Find out Successful Home Business "Marketing Secrets" From one of the Greatest, Respected people in the space of internet marketing... Condensed...

Hey my friend, hope you're doing great, feeling well, I hope you're on top of the world! This is going to cover the successful home business Marketing secrets! Really "successful business Marketing" and really what is success ?

I'm gonna share something out of this book it's called "Think and Grow Rich"! If you haven't read that book you should read it, what it says here in... the book.

It says "When Riches Begin To Come It Comes So Quickly In Such Great Abundance That One Wonders Where They Have Been Hiding During All Those Lean Years..."!

Now, with successful home business Marketing... a lot of people the BIG BIG-time Internet Marketers all learnt from this guy called "Dan Kennedy" and I started looking into this guy more! After looking into this guy he actually read this book as well...!

So he read this book and he read that statement "When Riches Begin To Come It Comes So Quickly In Such Great Abundance That One Wonders Where They Have Been Hiding During All Those Lean Years..."! and he says he really wanted to know what why that happened!

That was the effect but he wanted to know the cause! He went and asked all these people successful people... Who earned more and 12 months than they did in the past 12 years! He called it triggering the phenomenon!

There was seven different areas, they all did to trigger the phenomenon! This the goes for home business marketing and it goes for online business it goes for any business type! I'm gonna run you through these seven steps quickly the full video is no longer available!

Let's just jump into it!

The very first thing that they all did:

1: They committed to speed!

Speed is good, speed to turn into momentum! Business chaos is good! This is something I struggled with the start, I'm not sure about you but there was like maybe some chaos going on lol!

I was trying to like tidy up but NO NO my friend just let it go! Just let the chaos run wild! That's a good thing, that's it's gonna help you with the second point! 

2: They Created an extreme marketing advantage!

Complex and hard to copy, so when someone's looking, looking at your thing... or what you're doing in your business! If they try to copy you, there like that looks really hard! So they just won't even bother copying it! Haha

You'll create an extreme market advantage!

3: They Found hidden opportunities in the business!

So there was this guy his name's Jim or whoever! He says that he had this website and had 10,000 visitors since since 2010 or something it got 10,000 visitors a year! Consistently and it was making sales of a $37 e-book!

After after so many years he decided to added a second page! This is finding and hidden opportunities in the business... He added the second page after people bought the book he offered them a one-time offer! Like twenty percent of these people took it!

He ended up generating an extra $100,000 from the same 10,000 people! That were going to come there anyway and he just boosted what he was making! He says he was really upset because he lost like a million dollars worth... The whole time that he could have had that one page in there!

4: They Had systems in place!

Systems are key to any business, a system is like something that you just feed with loads of inputs! It's not gonna break and gonna work really, really well! You will have a system and systems help with creating speed as well!

5: They had Price elasticity!

They increased the prices which affected the average transaction value! This is something that you can think about as well, it's something that they all did when they were triggering the phenomenon!

6: They had Associations!

Something that you might want to look into like a skill set that you might not have! You could go to someone else, for me it could be like creating like a PDF e-book! I'm good at it, yet, I can do it but I know that someone out there can do it way better!

I would just go get them and they could do way better job! That's what you want to think about as well. They all had these associations!

7: They had this mindset!

This mindset one he says, "The Majority of people come up with why X won't work for their business"! and you may know people who think like that... They'll say this won't do this because of this... and all an not do this... But How did they even know? you know...

So "the majority of people come up with why X won't work for their business"! What these people done was they had the opposite mindset! Instead of thinking "why X won't work for their business" they where thinking "how could X work for there business"!

These were The seven Steps for Successful Home Business "Marketing Secrets"!

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I have a great one, I'll see you next one, peace!"

Your marketing buddy,

Cameron Malcolmson