The mindset of an Entrepreneur

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It's Cameron here, this is the mindset of an Entrepreneur, also, an extension... This is how the rich get rich and specifically how to build businesses!

What I'm going to show you is basically how the rich get rich! I saw this 3 -to 4 times now... If you pick this up, even more, this will be a real eye-opener for you and about building something you own and can be proud of!


The Mindset of an Entrepreneur!

Part 1 -  Employee. Being an employee doing a process in the last post.

Now, rather, what is the difference between an employee and an entrepreneur?

Employees get paid based on time... This is where there is a different mindset!

Trying to be an entrepreneur, seems like, not getting instant results, and putting in a lot of time! All into an online business and you haven't got the paycheck! Think of it more as getting paid based on results, that's a big game-changer when you really start thinking about that result! What is your business do?

Getting paid based on results there are 3 ways the rich get rich!

Part 2-  Self-employed getting paid based on results!

Part 3 - Business owners getting paid based on results!

The mindset of an entrepreneur will shift, from self-employed to business owner! Instead of working in a business, you (work on a business).

An entrepreneur paid based on results, but make the mind shift! For example; Don't show up for work that day you don't get paid, you have to show up every day and grind to get paid when you're self-employed. Make the shift to the business owner... Don't work in their business they work on their business.

Replicate and train other people to replace and develop people. Specifically, building a business and an online business. I wanted to know how to replace myself over, and over and over again!!! Then training people who can replace themselves as well! Super simply put... This is the mindset of an entrepreneur, one (employee to self-employed) and two (self-employed to a business owner).

About 1-5% of the world population, certainly, can successfully invest properly! On Stocks, property, Assets, other businesses, shares and everything!

Money making more money! Investing as a Business Owner.

There is a link to the best training to help you build an online business. The button

It shows the most low cost to Start, once you gain awareness, and get started! I wouldn't say the least effort but the best way to replace yourself over and over again when building an online business!

Then if you are employed going from employee to self-employed.

Self-employed people get paid based on results, most noteworthy,  you don't have a cap on what you can earn!

Get really good at self-employed get paid. Once you get really good!! Go self-employed to business owner!

Start replacing yourself and developing other people, even more, First get great at what you do! :)


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