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In this latest post from Cameron you can see the perfect internet business structure... apply this to your online business!


Boom what's happening my friend it's Cameron Malcolmson here and in this one, I just wanted to show you the strategy for a perfect internet business structure and if you're interested in learning more about that there you want to stick to it to the end.

I really want to just jump in and show you how this all works! My name is Cameron, I'm from Northern Ireland! When I started off in school, to clarify, I wanted to build myself a business! I didn't know how to build this business.

I thought you needed to go to university and build this business. Make it successful then build another business, make it successful! Then build another one... and have this main headquarters where you run all these different businesses from! This was kind of the vision when I was like 15 years old!

After six years of chasing the dream, going through university to finally get into the work that was working towards! I found out it wasn't really something that I wanted to do... Then I came across this whole internet thing! A mentor online showed me this little diagram... it was my vision for the Perfect Internet Business.

I will walk you through it here... It's affiliate secrets and it used to say ultimate secrets, it's basically the secrets for building an online business. This is what I will walk you through right now the perfect structure for an internet business that's the right way.

I'll talk to you and walk you through kind of the other models I went down... I didn't have much success in some had a little success cause I didn't know, just still learning! This will be all the experience altogether, it's gonna save you a lot of time if you can get pick up these ideas.

Some of these strategies you can read it here on the blueprints if you wanna pick up the blueprints you should head to and you get the most up-to-date relevant secrets for building an online business to date.

In the ultimate secrets/affiliate secrets for building an online business! I tell you a little bit about where I got them and how I found out about them! Basically, they're my mentor's blueprints, that he spent 14 years crafting and developing! I could kind of get into a little bit of trouble for sharing these blueprints with you...

Keep it between you and me that's our secret, all right! Once you're in the blueprints there are different things you can click on! Connect to me on Facebook if you want to ask me any questions on Facebook.

If you won't go to the little chat on! You can chat with me on the live chat anytime you want as well! First things first, you know when I got started I always knew that conversions were ha a big thing! Everybody wants to achieve a conversion for their online business!

How do we achieve a conversion? This is something that I didn't know how to do! Some of the models I went through would have been a Shopify store! I was buying traffic and spending money on advertising on Facebook! Bringing people to my online store my Shopify store...

They were like Landing on the store yeah, I was maybe doing re-targeting! There is nothing really in place to drive a direct response or motivate! There wasn't any motivating copy anything like this here! I didn't know any of this or any better.

I was basically sending people to a website! They were just having a look around clicking about everywhere, then leaving! This is how I got started my friend, gradually progressing on to learning about blog posts! I was like right these blog posts there's got to be something here.

I see these guys are putting up these blog posts... Getting in front of people on Google here searching their content! This was something I tried and honestly had no clue about SEO or any of that stuff! That's why I want to walk you through the conversions blueprints!

Then Later on we can talk about traffic but it's really the holistic strategy that will walk you through here now and hopefully not take too much of your time so you can read that there if you want like I said before you can get the blueprints at and you'll get the most up-to-date relevant copy of the ultimate secrets for building an online business!

Now there are three main parts for the conversion side of it now! There are different little tools and stuff that you may need or you do need! If you want to go for the pro leagues if you're just getting started the first thing you're gonna want to do is have a lead generation funnel!

Now if you don't know what the lead generation funnel is? It's pretty much these first three pages your Opt-in page, the pre-frame page and then your product sales page! This is what you want to start off with bringing all your visitors whether it's free or paid to an opt-in page and building your email list!

After that there you are bringing people from your email list! Through email communication and take them home to your unique experience! Now yes I noticed that when you go on the internet and you type in different businesses. Say different services you may be looking for, you always come across a website that old model is a dying model.

If you don't know what you're really doing it's not gonna be very profitable! Alone it's not the Perfect Internet Business for you! There's a time and a place for a website but it's not what it's all about! Everything rotates around the website, yes it's the main thing yes you've gotta have your own lead generation funnel before it!

You will have maybe a different funnel later on down the line! Obviously here in this conversion checklist, we're going to optimize for our first conversion! We're gonna convert traffic from visitors on our opt-in page and we're gonna convert them firstly into a subscriber!

It's a direct response, you pay for your ads! People come to your single-page website depending on what traffic you're using! You're gonna get your first conversion now! This is the main goal you need to start off with because if you can't get visitors to a landing page and convert them into an opt-in/lead!

Won't be building an audience at all! You won't be building a Perfect Internet Business or an email list of people all interested in the same type of thing! Now on the opt-in page, you can have you can give away something! Give away a video and audio PDFs, certainly, as I showed you in another video before how to make a PDF!

Give this thing away on your opt-in page and build your email list! Then you've got a little pre-frame page and then you've got the Product page! This is your entry funnel! Like it says you've got your email sequence that goes along and it's bringing people back to maybe a different entry funnel...

Taking people to your home on the internet! This is your unique experience, if you've got these blueprints there you can get your own entry funnel! One I've already made for you so you don't even have to make it, you can customize it to your heart's content to whatever your own business needs.

Start generating your own leads for your own perfect internet business! Then you wanna make sure you're building your email list and this is where it all starts! Opt-in and build your email list, opt-in build your email list opt-in build your email list!!! :-D

Then you want to send them emails! Now your email strategy is going to be education and value-based Marketing!  Cause if you're just going to send people promotional emails all the time they're gonna get a little bit sick and tired of you! Probably annoyed with you for probably not opening your emails anymore!

Be educational and what I teach people all about what they opt-in for! Teach them enough that they could get a result without buying anything! Then if they do get a result from what they've been learning from you, above all, they'll always keep coming back to learn from you!

This is how you're going to build a tribe around your site! Your home on the internet, now the importance of having the website is it's critical! You can do your blog on your vlog and SEO blog post. Anything you want it's in your control, like I always preach on is we don't rely on social media!

Now, this is how we are going to create our own world! This whole model doesn't rely on any social media whatsoever! If Facebook goes away tomorrow, I can still keep going on my business and won't get phased at all!

This is the whole strategy and then eventually something that I've been working on at the minute! Data aggregation and separating people based on their different interests! Maybe they're coming along here along with the emails and then you've got another wee opt-in page, maybe email five! It's talking about maybe it's a different program a different product and they opt-in...

You've got like another little email sequence and opt-in funnel for that product! Go along and you're teaching them stuff in different emails teach them! Then maybe you have another wee funnel! You're aggregating your data based on people opting in for certain products.

Then you know okay this person's really really interested in email marketing! Or maybe this person's really interested in building their own direct response websites! Things like this here just apply these strategies to whatever is you're doing online, if you are have already got an existing business!

If you're just getting started if you take a look at! You can pretty much model what I'm doing over here, you can promote anything I'm promoting or in a completely different niche! Basically, you don't want to just rely on a website, even more, the website is a big main thing I see it happen a lot...

People have a website and they are marketing their website. For someone getting started and really anybody who's building an internet business, you want to have this strategy! Opt-in page so you build your list, then you want to take people home afterwards!

When you bring people and take people home, most noteworthy, this is gonna be a little secret!  This is where you build know like and trust! When people get to know you, get to like you and get to trust you! This is a little bit of a secret as well is after people get to know like and trust you...

Your home on the Internet is pretty much like you've created or created... I don't maybe don't want to tell you this... you are creating a buying environment! This is where people get exposed to all the stuff that's going on in your perfect internet business!

This is the Perfect Internet Business to date if you hit all these key parts! The only variable that's not going to help you get a conversion, comes down to your mindset! We're gonna be talking about mindset in later videos! Make sure and watch out for them their videos because the mindset is BIG!

Yes anybody can build an opt-in page in a pre-frame page some emails! Flip you can even get someone to send you to swipe emails. I wouldn't recommend it... Your best get your own personality in there. Write your own emails yourself for your perfect internet business!

I'm actually going back over my stuff and I'm gonna be putting my own thing! I'm not relying on anybody but myself, you can watch, follow along and do it for yourself!

This is the Perfect Internet Business my friend for building an internet business! That's pretty much the whole thing right in front of you! It's so simple and not even that expensive to build. Then when you get good at it it gets really really really fun!

I hope you enjoyed this video, my friend, like I said before if you wanna get the ultimate secrets blueprints head to the link and I'll also leave the link below if you're watching a video have a great day my friend take care and have a great on peace!


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