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Have you ever heard of a Funnel? This is the sales funnel explained and where you can build one. Intended for demonstration purposes, apply to what you want to do.

This is one I've been working on and studying and learning how to create... So far this is the best way to structure a fully blown sales funnel for yourself...

Maybe you don't know what a sales funnel is? That's ok it's just like a website that sells products and services online :)


Working around the clock 24/7, 235 days a year! If you know How to build one right... This is what I'm going to show you, it's taken me time to do this for myself it is always improving!

1 Irresistible Freemium

The first thing you will have is an irresistible freemium, this is something educational about your offer that people would love. Things can be checklists, reports, courses, blueprints, training, booklet with copies.... etc.

Here's The Freemium I use For Building my List!

This is so you can build a community, it's much easier to ask for an email than credit card details first. It's like a little micro commitment and you build a community!

2 Tripwire Offer

The next part of the sales funnel explained is your tripwire offer. This is something that will help bring people into your community and world. This can be priced from $7 - $197!

Your goal here is to wow your customers and create raving loyal customers for life! So you really want to overdeliver with the right condensed information they need. And help them better understand your offer!

This is something you control and can promote and back all day long" Plus this will help you to create some immediate cash into your business to be able to grow fast!

3 Core Offer

When someone gets to this point they will have the right frame of mind, they will have already bought from you. And if you done things right and wow them in the tripwire already created raving loyal customers for life".

Now you have built a list of buyers! Here is where you can now talk about your main offer that can be more expensive, like one-on-one, coaching, in the trenches, how to tactics etc.

4 Profit Maximizers

Sweet so this is where I see countless super affiliates doing this now. Instead of promoting affiliate links directly something you shouldn't really do. What you can do is build your business like this... An introduce profit maximizers!

This is how you can be in control of what you do, and build an affiliate marketing empire! Your profit maximizers are affiliate links for resources, tools and ingredients anything for what your course is about is needed.

You can apply this to any online business type if you think about it. Imagine if you were into cooking when you teaching in your core offer you can introduce affiliate links as profit maximizers!

This is everything you need for your online business plan! I hope you loved this post as much as I loved making you it" :) This is super simple and really you can apply this to anything! Here's to creating a limitless life!


Your Buddy


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