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Hey, what is going on, this is a namecheap review. What's namecheap you might say?

It's were you can get your website domain. For example: ""  it's kinda like your address online.

You can get one from many other places and even along with your hosting. Though I'd recommend having your domain name separate from these for a couple of reasons I'll let you know later?


Looking to check if the domain you want is available? Check out the button above

Here's the link to my #1 resource for building digital businesses

When Getting a Domain

When you go the the button above type in and search the domain you want ".com etc".

I typed in "" it was available to buy for £6.77 for the year. Pretty inexpensive to get started!

Domain might already be owned and some domains can be crazy prices like or something like that.

You don't have to get a super expensive one. Keep looking for something that suits your businesses needs.

Why Get a Domain Separate?

If you've been online for anytime, you'll know that you can get a free domain with the platform you use to host your website.

This is OK to do, if your planning on staying there for a long time. When you want to point your domain to a new website it can take up to 6 months before you can get control of your website address?

Ideally you want full control and ownership of your website address. So you can point it where you want when you want to as fast as you want to, by having your own domain kept in your domain registrar.

Why Namecheap?

See what we are doing here on cameronlimitless it building a limitless online business. This tool is super compatible with everything that we use here and recommend.

As well domains are a big part of building your internet business and really your brand!

Things to consider

When you are going to buy a domain that's for your limitless lifestyle business. You will be best keep you websites address shot and memorable easy to spell. Keep it .com or what people already know and can remember.

What Domains to GET

Well mostly we have been talking about your main website domain. This is your branded website that can have a blog/vlog, members area etc.

The second domain I would recommend you get as well is your custom tracking domain. You could call it "" There is ways you can have you tracking domain and main one the same.

Too keep this simple and avoid any confusion you would be best to just get 2 separate ones.

1 for your branded site and the other for your custom tracking links.

What do you get with namecheap?

So when you get a domain what do you get and what's the other cool things included?

Inside my account I have 2 domains. 1: and 2:

When your inside your account go to the manage part of your new domain. You will see you can just

Redirect the domain

redirect to any other website you want too.

Post that link on your social media, emails, messages and when they click on that link it will take then you whatever website you want to take them too!

You can also have the domain pointed to servers where your content lives. Just go to manage and click on the learn more where it says redirects and it will show you how to do it! :)

Custom Business email

There is the option to get a custom business email that's attached to your domain. For example you could have an email address that you can send mass emails inside your autoresponder.

Like: [email protected]

You will also be able to receive inbound emails with a mail box where you can read them. Right now using this set up for myself, I have an app on my phone that I can reply to the people that email me. You should get a free email included with your new domain.

If you want to add more emails for your business with different peoples names. You can add them too very inexpensively you can do what you want.

Private business email setup

Having a private email address like this is really, really important to have when doing email marketing and using any autorespoder. You cannot really use a general email to send mass email marketing from, they won't be as effective.

Knowing that you have to have a private email to do mass email marketing and have professional looking business email, you can do this in namecheap.

Just add the customer email into your autoresponder and they come to a real inbox where you can read the replies! :)


This is the main things I used namecheap for, that's buying domains and having my business email address along with being able to access the emails via OX mail included with namecheap.

There are other things you can do with namecheap that you can look into more if you like. Everything that I've covered here in this post is how I've used this to create my online limitless business.

Want to pick up your very own website address "a domain"?

Here's the link to Namecheap: < this is an affiliate link.

When you buy a domain, you can go into the manage part and point it where you want to point it too!

For building a limitless lifestyle business you will pick up 2 domains. For your website and tracking like I've explained above.

I hope you learnt something cool today! :)

Cameron Malcolmson

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