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Online Marketing Best Practice the basics. Starts with currently no other way than keeping these best practices. That you can take and use for yourself, these are the timeless strategies that will work for you. Help become great at what you do. Keep an open mind with this as we progress through this together. I will be showing you what I have been Learning, starting with some of the basics so everyone one can get to the same level. 

First off do not rely on any one thing, one is not this best practice for your online business. So by properly diversifying yourself having your place on the internet, hence it’s your home that’s yours, where you can bring people to. Where you can be you and build yourself, create your own economy, become the president of your own country great! Keep an open mind you have to love what you do deep down, and work of inspiration.

The next online marketing best practice is tracking. This is essential to internet marketing, you want to practice the best to be in control. Your online business best practice for links would be with a good tracking software. Try out some tracking software on the resources page. Tracking your links yourself is part of online skills, you can get an added custom tracking domain to link with the software from there also, updates on videos on using these types of tools. They are good levels of awareness of these tools, which is essential to online marketing.

Custom Tracking is great, due to the fact, you can become unique. Easy to remember the link so you can tell a friend about it.  Then you get your own Private email address it is best practice, and it looks professional plus it’s your own. You can try out the free Tracking Trial on the “Resources” page. Every good online marketer has to be able to know and control Links, on the internet. This is a Skill you can build on as it is a rare commodity, that has so much you can do with. It would blow your mind!  But Well Worth skilling up on if you want to learn some best practices.

Remember to get your own domain, this is important. You can get one and use it for your professional email address, custom tracking and your website all in one. Get two to keep it simple one for your email/website and one for custom tracking domain. Hold the domain separate from your hosting etc. Hosting can keep them from you, possibly for a certain period of time. Having it separate, you will not have to wait. If you wanted to point the domain to another hosting site. Similarly, if you wanted to point your tracking domain to a different place too.

I also would consider some areas where it comes to social media and messages. Spamming is not good practice. It would not be the base of a good foundation or sustainable. You could not be doing very good spamming, it’s not Online marketing best practice. Everyone probably has done it once. Sent someone a link to someone or on posts everywhere, you should have a different view. Possibly a strategy like producing content and providing value in the marketplace. Deliver content on your product or service outcome, with inspiration and give calls to action.

Keep it simple have one link in your bio for anyone who wants it. Yes, you have to get your message out, and Online marketing best practice. Social media should be leveraged but it is not your business. Network and build relationships on social media but ultimately as an online marketer, this is your business, to meet, communicate with like-minded people. Build connections and ask them and talk about what you are interested in, see if you can help them with your product or service and if they want the link sent.


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