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follow tutorials inside clickmagick to get started with the new campaigns true tracking

Hey, wanted to continue with the website set up, and Tracking website conversions! I emailed out asking how you were doing with everything so far...

Something that came up was the Website set up, so that's what I wanted to show you today :) The first thing to do with the website is to select a Free Domain. Do this in the main settings then select a Free Domain there and set it up :)

Then just go to the entry funnel website, set up domain settings in the funnel settings so it changes to Once saved. Go into the survey options and go to outcomes, make the new outcome go to instant page redirect. Take out any URL already in there! Go to default outcome make sure it is set to submit page (form).

Just go to the second page (review application page). Go to the countdown clock and make sure it goes to page redirect URL. This is where to paste opt-in form URL and make sure it is saved. Make sure that Free Domain is set up Before you paste this link into the countdown clock!

Domain set up! All your pages should redirect correctly :)

Set up Tacking Website Conversions. In the tracking software. Go to links Create the main entry link for you Funnel. This will be the main entry point into your Online business, where all your Traffic Sources will redirect to coming into the future.

Go to link Groups and Create a link Group, that will be your main funnel entry group.  Once this is created go to links and find the group you created. Then Make your Main entry link, you will be given a generic tracking link.

Don't use the generic link by its self go to help FAQ's and create a custom tracking domain, If you don't already have a tracking domain go to Namecheap! Set it up is shown in clickmagick help FAQ's. This will be stand-alone custom tracking domain that none else will have.

Once you set up your custom tracking domain. Call the link created in the link group Total stats - App Funnel or something similar. Go back to websites first main page and copy the URL from there, paste it in the primary URL section. Go to advance settings and set it as a Funnel entry link for the future.

The Link is set up now, one last thing to do, place the conversion pixel into the Thankyou page. Go to Tools in the Tracking software, then Tracking Pixels and to Pixel builder! :) Keep everything on the pixel builder as is, make sure your tracking actions. Nothing else is needed to be done, just copy the pixel.

Go back to your website and go to the thank you page. The editor of the page. The settings within the page and go to the Tracking code, take it out any code already there and paste new Action Pixel in and make sure save.

Test the link is tracking correctly by going to preview, refresh the tracking software. Make sure it tracked as a unique visitor, go through funnel and opt-in. when you get to the thank you page. Go back to the tracking software and refresh again. It should record an action for you.

Need to test again? There is a testing tool in tools then testing and then testing tool. This will let you go through everything as a Unique Visitor, in case you did already and it's not tracking your conversions.

Leave a comment below if you still need me to clarify anything.


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