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In this post, you can Find out what do I do secret mind hack to become great! This will change your life If you do this!!!


Hey friend, Cameron, the question here is what do I do Secret Mind Hack to become great at anything you want! Just In the new Home Office here... only moved in and don't mind the walls, ha! I'll maybe give you a wee tour of the place later on in another video!

What do I do secret mind hack it all starts with having one of these... ill show you... I've got three maybe more as well but it all starts with having a goal card! A personal goal card, other goal cards and a business goal card! I have my goals and this is the secret mind hack!

Here's a #LimitlessFuture.Club Goal Card!

Download Your Own Goal Cards Here

Have you ever read the book T.Harv. Eker secret of the millionaire mind? Well, he asked you in that book to go and ask your friends and family, what do they really want! If you've never done this or not read the book I'd suggest going and reading it it's really good to do with the mind and the way your mindset is!

It's to do with no like poor mindset and wealthy Mindset, what he asks you to do in the book is go ask your friends and family what do they really want! When I did this here for myself I asked my brother my best friend!

I asked them... what T.Harv Eker says they will do in the book his start rhyming off all the things that they don't want! This is what exactly happened, I couldn't believe it!" When it was like that and I just stood there and watched my friend just like go on and on and on!

I couldn't stop them from going on about what they didn't want! This just proves that we are constantly brought up in a negative environment!

Plus what we focus we will get more off... so if you're thinking of what you don't want you'll continue to get more you don't want!

This is a really crazy idea because you don't really want that stuff! Yet because you think about it... it reinforces that idea, and you get more of the same thing! What do I do secret tactic to becoming great at whatever it is you want!

Start off with having goals and you write down your goal! When you write it down... you have to write it down it does something, it programs a kind of into your head and this starts to change your thinking!

- From what you don't want to what you do want! Then whenever you start changing your thinking to what you do want then you'll get more of what you do really want!

This is really crazy! See this is something that really successful Internet entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs all do they write down their goals... when I think of what I want I know exactly what I want! This is what I want to challenge you today to do is to write your goal... write your goal if you don't already have one!

Make sure it's a big one you've never achieved before, start writing out what you want on a daily consistent basis! This is what you should do because if you do what T Harv Eker says... What I've done, ask your friends and family you'll find out what type of environment you're in!

Most of the time we're all in a negative type of environment! If we don't consciously plant the seeds of what we really want and our minds, weeds will just grow and whatever just comes around will just grow in there! We don't really have any control over this!

Something that you can do is write goals in the morning and then before going to bed! I’m telling you like after doing this here and I don’t know if you ever experienced this… when you known you needed to do something that you really wanted to do…

Say I'm entertaining you with this idea of building an internet business. You're like yeah building an internet business sounds great! I really want to do this, you get really entertained and your conscious mind gets excited!

Then when you go to do something about it, you'll get three types of feelings fear, doubt and anxiety! Then go back to your comfort zone! If you stay in your comfort zone nothing really happens, you don't make any progress!

It's kind of self-sabotage, if you start writing out your goals on a daily consistent basis it's gonna start planting what you really want in your subconscious mind! Subconsciously are planting these in here and then you start constantly thinking about what you do want!

Then without you even thinking about it, you'll start to take the actions you're supposed to be taking! To get to where you want to get, this is what I have to share friend. Hope you really got the idea! I highly recommend reading T.Harv’s book secrets of the millionaire mind!

Also want to share with you that training that I've been talking about the past few days. This is from where I've learned this and more...

I hope you really enjoyed this Post

I'll catch up with you soon,

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